Discovering Princeton: A Photographic Guide with Five Walking Tours by by Wiebke Martens & Jennifer Jang

discovering princeton

This photographic guide features five fully illustrated walking tours of the charming New Jersey town with seventeenth-century roots and the renowned university at its core. Explore the heart of Princeton University as well as its more modern sections; downtown Princeton, including some of its oldest neighbourhoods; and the campuses of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Institute for Advanced Study. Each walk highlights the town’s rich history, varied architecture, and a multitude of local attractions, ranging from museums and theatres to parks and playgrounds. For those who want to roam a bit farther, a host of ideas for short outings and longer excursions in the greater Princeton area are included. With compelling full-page images and informative captions, this unique guidebook will appeal to both locals and guests and makes an ideal gift or keepsake.

For someone who probably, will never do much more international travelling anymore.

I found this a delight and informative.

With beautiful photographs and 5 descriptive walking excursions, including the history of the university town of Princeton.

This would be suitable to grace anyone’s coffee table.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Schiffer Publishing and downloaded via NetGalley.

4 Stars****

Ghost of a Chance (Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery #2.5) by Angie Fox

‘Tis the Season…for Ghosts.

Verity Long has come to terms with the fact that she can see spirits, and talk to them, and…she’s actually making cookies for one of them.

But she’s drawing the line at any more ghost hunting or mystery solving.

Until a dear friend needs help locating a missing antique at the party of the year.

Not one to leave a friend in need, Verity straps on her sparkly heels and sneaks in to see what she can find—only to uncover a startling secret that will change everything.

An enjoyable Christmas novella, where Verity is again thrust into the roll of Ghost hunter.

With a great set of characters, in a well plotted and written mystery.

This was the audiobook edition from Audible UK’s ‘Plus Catalogue’ and wonderfully narrated by Tavia Gilbert.

This is a fun series to read or listen to.

Y’all need a bit of good old Southern Spirits and charm from time to time, so y’all just come on over and sit a while.

5 Stars *****

A Ghostly Gift (Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery #1.5) by Angie Fox

This novella comes between Verity Long’s first adventures as a Southern Ghost Hunter in – Southern Spirits and the second book The Skeleton in the Closet.

These books are always well plotted and written, with a great set of characters.

This is a really lovely short story that I enjoyed listening to from Audible UK’s ‘Plus Catalogue’, and wonderfully narrated by Tavia Gilbert.

Verity Long doesn’t want to see ghosts, and she’d rather not let anyone know her little secret, either. But when a restless spirit stirs up trouble in her friend’s resale shop, Verity and her very new, very dead gangster friend team up to learn what is really happening.

They discover an age-old secret, and must learn the truth behind a mysterious disappearance…before it’s too late.

Listening Length: 1 hour and 3 minutes

5 Stars *****

Top Me Maybe? by Jay Northcote

A short story that I borrowed via KU.

Well plotted and written story, with likable characters.

Duncan has a secret fantasy, but is Tyler the right man for the job?
Tyler’s new policeman boyfriend, Duncan, is gorgeous. Tall, broad, and über-masculine, he’s the epitome of the dominant top—in appearance at least.
When they discuss their sexual fantasies, Duncan confesses to a secret desire that surprises Tyler. Luckily for Duncan, Tyler’s happy to oblige and is determined to give Duncan a night to remember.

I really loved and enjoy reading this book.

Well worth reading if you like mm love stories with sex scenes in it.

4 Stars****

The Cop and the Nosey Neighbor by Cat Blaine.

I had been eyeing up this book for ages on my Wish List, so when it came up on KU, I grabbed it!

And I wasn’t disappointed! A great love story, well plotted and written, with a good set of main characters.

Cops. Nerds. Romance.

Matt MacGregor is pissed at the world. All he ever wanted was to be a cop. But when he’s shot on the job, his confidence is rattled to the core. Sulky and drunk most of the time, the last thing he wants is to be bothered by anyone.
Berlin Rhodes just moved into the same apartment complex as Matt. He’s the complete opposite of Matt; he loves people and has a positive outlook on life.
When Berlin needs to use Matt’s phone because his power didn’t get turned on, an unlikely friendship begins between these two polar opposites. Berlin wants to do whatever he can to coax Matt back into the land of the living, but is Matt too bitter and broken to make the leap?

Well worth reading!

4 Stars****

Corned Beef and Casualties (A Tourist Trap Mystery #6.25) by Lynn Cahoon.

South Cove’s St Patrick’s parade brings tourist in…but also death!

Another well plotted and written story from Lynn Cahoon. With a great set of characters that you just wish were your friends.

South Cove, California, is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day—and there’s going to be a parade of suspects . . .

Jill Gardner’s store, Coffee, Books, and More, is raking in the green as her little coastal town holds a big festival for St. Patrick’s Day. But the locals aren’t exactly feeling the luck of the Irish, thanks to the rowdy behavior of some of the tourists who are pouring in. 
Then a woman who just visited Jill’s shop is found dead near the shore. The fireworks display on the beach may have already happened, but the real fireworks have just begun . . .

I just love Jill and her friends in South Cove! Well worth reading!

I was given this free review copy from Lyrical Press via Netgalley at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

5 Stars*****

Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Valentine Inc. #01) by Jacki James.

Borrowed from KU.

I just fell in love with this book and it’s characters!

Well plotted and written, with likeable characters and a HEA, what more can you ask for!

Valentine’s Inc. Book 1.

“When he kisses me, I feel like I’m home. Like I’ve found something I’ve been looking for my entire life.”
When a huge investor says his company is interested in funding Clay’s latest project he’s thrilled. At least he is until he realizes the investor not only believes Clay is gay but wants him to bring his boyfriend along on a Valentine’s Day ski weekend to pitch the project to the rest of the board.

When Trevor’s best friend Cassie tells him she can’t find anyone to go on a ski weekend with Valentine’s Inc.‘s newest client he agrees to go. After all, he owes Cassie big time and her job as the matchmaking services branch manager means a lot to her. Plus, it won’t hurt him to pretend to be a straight guys boyfriend for a weekend if it gets him a free ski trip, right?

Trevor is the perfect boyfriend, and it isn’t long before the lines between pretend and real blur causing Clay to wonder if maybe he isn’t quite as straight as he always assumed he was. Neither man is sure what is real and what’s for show, but one thing Trevor knows is that when Clay kisses him it doesn’t feel pretend at all; when he kisses him it feels like he means it.

Loved it that much, I read it twice!

5 Stars*****

Iced Inn (A Gray Whale Inn Mystery #8.5) by Karen MacInerney.

Christmastime at Gray Whale Inn, and nothing seems to be going to plan!

I enjoyed this well plotted and written short story. Love the main characters.

It’s Christmastime at the Gray Whale Inn. The inn’s kitchen smells like ginger and spice, the ground is frosted with snow, and wedding bells are about to ring out for innkeeper Natalie’s favorite niece, Gwen. It’s a joyous time… until the families of the bride and groom descend on the island, bringing nasty tempers and a wicked winter storm with them. Add a baffling rash of thefts, a dash of romantic intrigue, and an unexpected power shutdown, and Natalie’s plans for a magical season are looking more like a recipe for disaster. Can Natalie find the missing gifts before the big holiday? And will the happy couple make it to the altar… or will the wedding go up in flames?

Karen MacInereny’s stories are always well worth reading.

5 Stars*****

The Christmas Window (A short, naughty MM Christmas story) by Sean Kerr

Borrowed from KU.

This story reminded me of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, it just had that weirdness and story twist about it.

It was ok if you like a twisted story. I read it all, but it is not really my cup of tea! As the old saying goes…one mans/woman’s cup of tea, is another mans/woman’s poison. Sorry Sean.

You better watch out, you better not cry…

Be careful what you wish for this Christmas.

Michael is preparing a Christmas window for his shop. But he needs something spectacular. Something that will quite literally take people’s breath away.

When a rather attractive client visits his shop to confirm an order, Michal knows he has found just the right thing to finish his Christmas window. However, both the customer and Michael get more than they bargained for when things get a little hot under the mistletoe.

Santa Claus is coming to town…and he’s not the only one!

The Christmas Window is a shocking short story from the author who brought you Dead Camp, The Man Inside Me and Alive. But be warned, this is a Christmas story with bite, and you may need wet wipes!

3 Stars***

Santa Puppy (A Tourist Trap Mystery #5.5) by Lynn Cahoon

A Tourist Trap Mystery novella.

I say it enough times…I love the Tourist Trap Mysteries!

Well plotted and written, with a great set of characters.

’Twas the season of Christmas, and all through South Cove, California, Santa is working overtime to deliver a special gift . . .

Jill Gardner has volunteered her Coffee, Books, and More to host a Christmas adopt-a-pet party. Among the potential forever friends is a male terrier named Baby, whose owner died of a heart attack. With few clues to go on, even finding the name of Baby’s human is a daunting task. But there’s no challenge too big for Jill this holiday season.

Playing Santa’s Little Helper, Jill is determined to find out what happened —and to fulfill a long-time coming Christmas wish . . .

I cheated a little bit, as I listen to my 2 discs audio copy of the book. Narrated as per usual by Susan Boyce.

The Tourist Trap Mysteries are always well worth reading/listening.

I was given this free review copy from Lyrical Press via Netgalley at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

5 Stars*****

Dance of Death (A Dr. Basil Willing Mystery #01) by Helen McCloy.

The first book in Helen McCloy’s ‘Golden Age’ Dr. Basil Willing Mysteries.

This isn’t my first visit to Dance of Death, as I own a Dell (Map Back) paperback. So when it came up via Netgalley I just had to re-read it, as this is a great series. Thank you Agora Books for republishing!

My copy ~ I just love the cover.
Love the fact that Dell included maps.

When Dr. Basil Willing who works for the New York DA department is told that their is no place in police investigations for Psychiatry. Dr. Willing goes out of his way to prove them wrong.

“Mrs Jocelyn,” said Basil, evenly, “the most disillusioning thing about being a psychiatrist is discovering how many kind relatives wish that other members of their family could be declared insane.”

When a New York socialite is found dead in a snow bank, no one can believe it is debutante Kitty Jocelyn – let alone that she has died of heatstroke.

How has she ended up here, dead on the morning after her coming-out party? Why is she wearing someone else’s clothes? What was the cause of her fatal overdose? As the questions around Kitty’s death mount, psychologist Dr Basil Willing is brought in to get the the bottom of her death.

With the help of Inspector Foyle, the pair investigate their long list of suspects, motives, and clues to solve this blistering mystery.

Also published as Design for Dying, McCloy’s first novel in her Dr Basil Willing series is part of Agora Books’ Uncrowned Queens of Crime series.

This is a well planned and written mystery, with a great set of characters.

If you have never read any of Helen McCloy’s Dr. Basil Willing mysteries, you do really need to try them as they are well worth reading!

At the present moment Agora Books have brought out the first 3 books in the series:

  1. Dance of Death (aka Design for Dying).
  2. The Man in the Moonlight.
  3. The Deadly Truth.

5 Stars*****