Murder on the Half Shell by Shawn Reilly Simmons

srs half shell

ARC honest review for Henery Press via NetGalley.

The second book in the Red Carpet Catering Mystery series.

And this time Penelope and Arlena are on location on a small Florida island where Arlena is filming a period drama.  And 2 island girls that have been working for Penny disappear.  Is it one of the members of the film set?  Penny’s old culinary tutor? Or is something more sinister going on?

Well plotted and written, with a great set of characters.

An enjoyable read.

4 Stars****


Filming a movie on a sunny Florida beach may seem like working in paradise, but dealing with the brutal heat, a difficult director and a leading lady with a serious aversion to seafood makes for a challenging task for Penelope Sutherland and her Red Carpet Catering crew. After two girls go missing during a raucous beach party thrown by the movie’s director, the cast and crew fall out of favor with the Andrea Island locals.

When a flashy celebrity chef is accused of the crime, Penelope Sutherland steps in to help her former culinary school instructor find the truth. Surrounded by suspicious locals with a history all their own, Penelope uncovers clues from the past that reveal an undercurrent of evil amid the magnificent sandy beaches.

Mother’s Day Out (The Margie Peterson Mysteries #1) by Karen MacInerney

km mothers day out

The first in the Margie Peterson mysteries.

The madcap adventures of Margie, mother, wife and now PI.  What can go wrong?  In Margie’s case…..everything!

WARNING…don’t not drink while reading…it could get messy!!!

Karen MacInerney’s Mother’s Day Out, had me laughing from start to finish.

And Margie is back on the 15th March 2016 in Mother Knows Best.

Loveable characters, great plot and overall brilliantly crafted story.

5 Stars*****


Margie Peterson is a typical stay-at-home mom until she trades dishes for detective work to become Austin’s least-likely PI. Soon she’s knee-deep in cheating husbands, transvestites, and trouble in a laugh-out-loud new mystery from award-winning author Karen MacInerney.

With a husband who works long hours trying to make partner and two rambunctious kids that are running her ragged, Margie Peterson is like any other worn-out suburban mom. When she decides to take a job as a PI for a seedy local detective agency, everything changes. It doesn’t take long for Margie to get in over her head: Her first day on the job she totals her minivan, mistakenly enters a drag contest, and winds up in the bathroom with a dead transvestite. But when Margie finds her home number in the victim’s phone, things really start to get interesting.

Also due out in March 2016

1st March 2016

Alpine Zen by Mary Daheim – by Ballantine Books.

Death and the Brewmaster’s Widow by Loretta Ross – by Llewellyn Publications.

A Deadly Tail (Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot Mystery, book 4) by Dixie Lyle – by St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

Ripe for Murder (Cypress Cove Mystery, book 2) by Carlene O’Neil – by Berkley Prime Crime Books.

A Churn for the Worse (Amish Mystery, book 5) by Laura Bradford – by Berkley Prime Crime Books.

Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize (Mrs Jeffries, book 34) by Emily Brightwell – by Berkley Prime Crime Books.

Between a Book and a Hard Place (Devereaux Dime Store Mystery, book 5) by Denise Swanson – by New American Library.

And Then There Were Nuns (League of Literary Ladies, book 4) by Kylie Logan – by Berkley Prime Crime Books.


3rd March 2016

Ming Tea Murder (Tea Shop Mysteries, book 16) by Laura Childs – by BERKLEY Prime Crime.

Who Buries the Dead (Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, book 10) by C. S. Harris – by OBSIDIAN Books.

A Whisker of Trouble (Second Chance Cat Mystery, book 3) by Sofie Ryan – by New American Library.


24th March 2016

Murder Dancing (Libby Sarjeant Mysteries, book 16) by Lasley Cookman – by Accent Press Ltd.


29th March 2016

Death of a Bacon Heiress (Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery, book 7) by Lee Hollis – by Kensington Publishing.




March reads…

Well that’s nearly the second month of 2016 finished!  And I have managed to notch up 33 of my 160 books read on my Goodreads challenge.  24 of which have been for NetGalley reviews.

We still have a few days left of this month, and I have a pile of TBR’s to get through!!!

What on the agenda for March you ask?

Well, I have 2 Noreen Wald books to review for Henery Press.  The first one is part of her Ghost Writer series…Ghostwriter Anonymous (A Jake O’Hara Mystery)

And the second is a reprint of her Senior Sleuth series that she wrote under the name of Nora Charles back in 2004.  Which is being republished by Henery Press…Death With An Ocean View.

Also (at the moment) I have reviews to do for NetGalley for March, are…

Karen MacInerney’s – Mother Knows Best.  The sequel to Mother’s Day Out.  Due out on the March 15th 2016 by Thomas & Mercer.

G. A. McKevett’s 21st Savannah Reid Mystery – Killer Reunion.  Due out on March 29th 2016 by Kensington.

First in a New Series by Leigh Hearon – Reining in Murder (A Carson Stables Mystery #1).  Due out on March 29th 2016 by Kensington.


First in a New Series by Wendy Tyson – A Muddied Murder (A Greenhouse Mystery).  Due out on March 29th 2016 by Henery Press

And to add something to the mix…

A historical m/m romance from Kate McMurray – Ten Days in August.  Due out on March 29th 2016 by Kensington Publishing Corporation.

As for the Final Chapter’s Reading Group.  The February book is The Windmill Girls by Kay Brellend…A compelling wartime drama.  Which I haven’t got round to starting yet!  Need to get my finger out!!! 😀

Our March read will be Matthew Reilly’s The Tournament…a period mystery featuring Roger Ascham, tutor to the young Princess Elizabeth I, and Bess herself helps her tutor to find a murderer!

Then hopefully might be able to dip into the back log of my TBR pile!  Ha ha!

Good news is that on March 1st, the highly anticipated arrival of the 17th Tea Shop Mystery – Devonshire Scream by Laura Childs…in hardback and audio.  On Tuesday I will be downloading my copy…Yeah!!

Wedding Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #19) by Joanne Fluke

jf wedding

ARC honest review for Kensington Books via NetGalley.

I thought the first third of the book was slow, mainly because it dealt mostly with the wedding planning and the start of the tv competition.  I was beginning to wonder if there was ever going to be a murder in this book!.  But after the murder had happened the book started to picked up its pace.

I loved the recipes (and plan on trying some of them out…I just have to find the equivalent ingredients in the UK !), and the way they were delivered…with all the non-technical terms! 😀

I really enjoyed the book, even if it did get a bit too mushy in parts!  And plan on reading more of the Hannah Swensen mysteries.

4 Stars****


Everyone in Lake Eden, Minnesota, may have had their doubts, but at long last, Hannah Swensen is getting married!
Hannah is thrilled to be marrying Ross Barton, her college crush. And her excitement only grows when she learns he’ll be able to join her on her trip to New York City for the Food Channel’s dessert chef contest. She’s especially nervous about facing Alain Duquesne, a celebrity chef with a nasty reputation. But before he can tear into Hannah’s layer cake, she finds him stabbed to death on the show’s kitchen set. Out of the oven, as the saying goes, and into the bright lights of Broadway, as Hannah tries to solve a mystery with more layers than a five-tiered wedding cake…


Murder in an Irish Village by Carlene O’Connor

coc irish village

ARC honest review for Kensington Books via NetGalley.

It was an ok read, though it got a bit repetitive on the suspect list and Siobhan running around everywhere accusing everyone of murder!

One gaff that I found in the book, is that Siobhan was supposed to have gone to college/university at 21…here in the UK most go when they finish school at 18.  If she had deferred going until she was 21, all her friends wouldn’t have deferred along with her.

Would I read another book in this series (if it is a series)?  Debatable.

3 Stars***


A little slice of Heaven on the Emerald Isle…

In the small village of Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland, Natalie’s Bistro has always been a warm and welcoming spot to visit with neighbors, enjoy some brown bread and tea, and get the local gossip. Nowadays twenty-two-year-old Siobhán O’Sullivan runs the family bistro named for her mother, along with her five siblings, after the death of their parents in a car crash almost a year ago.

It’s been a rough year for the O’Sullivans, but it’s about to get rougher. One morning, as they’re opening the bistro, they discover a man seated at a table, dressed in a suit as if for his own funeral, a pair of hot pink barber scissors protruding from his chest.

With the local garda suspecting the O’Sullivans, and their business in danger of being shunned–murder tends to spoil the appetite–it’s up to feisty redheaded Siobhán to solve the crime and save her beloved brood.



Shards of Murder (A Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery #2) by cheryl Hollon

ch shards

ARC honest review for Kensington Books via NetGalley.

This is the second book in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery series.  And this time Savannah has been appointed to fill her late father’s shoes as a judge for the Spinnaker Arts Festival…only to shatteringly find the show winner’s dead body!

Cheryl Hollon has mapped out a great plot with her winning characters.

I love the nice flow of her story telling, with the added information on making stained glass.

4 Stars****


When a glass-making competition turns deadly, glass shop owner Savannah Webb must search for a window into a criminal’s mind…

As the new proprietor of Webb’s Glass Shop, Savannah has been appointed to fill her late father’s shoes as a judge for the Spinnaker Arts Festival, held in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. With her innovative glass works, the clear winner is Megan Loyola, a student of Savannah’s former mentor.

But when Megan doesn’t show up to accept her $25,000 award, rumors start flying. And when Savannah discovers the woman’s dead body on festival grounds, the police immediately suspect her of murder. To keep from appearing before a judge herself, Savannah sorts through the broken pieces of glass scattered around the victim for clues as to who took this killer competition too far…


He’d Rather Be Dead (Chief Inspector Littlejohn #8) by George Bellairs

gb rather be dead

ARC honest review for Endeavour Press via NetGalley.

Classic British crime/mystery from George Bellairs, featuring his main character Chief Inspector Littlejohn.

I found this one didn’t have the twists and turns of the other George Bellairs books that I have recently read for Endeavour Press had.

But saying that, it was still a good story.

4 Stars****


The Mayor of the popular resort of Westcombe, Sir Gideon Ware, is no stranger to making enemies.

What was once a quaint little harbour is now miles of level, concrete promenade, and acres of pleasure-beach, embracing every kind of device for human entertainment and sensation. Sir Gideon Ware has put Westcombe on the map through bribes, intimidation and threats.

When Ware drops dead in the middle of his annual lunch, no one is surprised to hear that murder is suspected.

But with so many enemies surrounding Ware, Inspector Littlejohn has his work cut out shifting through Ware’s past to find the likely killer.

Especially with the Chief Constable so keen on covering up vital facts in the investigation.

It becomes clear that Ware was poisoned.

But everyone else ate and drank the same things, and no one appeared to have been near enough to Ware to have done the deed.

Before Littlejohn can get to the bottom of it, a second murder is committed…

Can he crack the case before more lives are put in jeopardy?

Or will the long list of suspects help the killer to get away with it…?

Heroes of the Dustbin (Janitors #5) by Tyler Whitesides

tw dustbins

ARC honest review for Shadow Mountain Books via NetGalley.

This explosive series finale is a gripping ride through conflicted loyalties and daring escapes, unexpected alliances and betrayals, and an ending you’ll never forget!

If you have never read any of the Janitors books…I suggest you do!  These books are a fun read for any age group, that will make you laugh and cry.

4 Stars****


Although their enemies are powerful, their allies few, Spencer and his team of Rebels are not giving up! But what chance do a handful of kids and one rescued janitor have against the combined evil of the Founding Witches and the Sweepers? Can the Rebels close the source of all Glop and stop the Toxites once and for all—or is the world doomed to fall under the control of the sinister Bureau of Educational Maintenance?

Fogged Inn (A Maine Clambake Mystery #4) by Barbara Ross

br fogged inn

ARC honest review for Kensington Books via NetGalley.

The past has a way of making itself know in the present.  And nothing stays hidden in a small town, where everyone knows your business (even before you do)…even in the small coastal town of Busman’s Harbor, Maine!

When the first line in chapter 1 is…

“Jule-YA!  There’s a dead guy in the walk-in.”

You know the book is going to hold your attention…and it did!

This was my first taste of Barbara Ross’s Maine Clambake Mysteries…but won’t be my last.  As I have now brought book 1 – Clammed Up.

With nicely developed characters and a well written plot.  It was a pleasure to read.

4 Stars****


An autumn chill has settled over Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but Julia Snowden is warming up the town by offering lobster stew at the local diner. When her landlord discovers a dead body in the walk-in refrigerator, Julia must figure out who ordered up a side of murder.
Nothing’s colder than a corpse—especially one stashed inside a sub-zero fridge. The victim spent his last night on earth dining at the restaurant bar, so naturally Julia finds herself at the center of the ensuing investigation. Lost in the November fog, however, is who’d want to kill the unidentified stranger—and why. It might have something to do with a suspicious group of retirees and a decades-old tragedy to which they’re all connected. One thing’s for sure: Julia’s going to make solving this mystery her early bird special…