Tight Spot (Bathhouse Stories #2) by Kyan Christopher

kc tight spot

With his new nickname around the bathhouse, Zeus decides he will not let his heart be broken again. He’ll love ‘em and leave ‘em, but he will not let himself even think about becoming involved. While trying to protect his heart, a stranger leaves a lasting impression that may begin to chisel away at the fortress he’s built around himself. Can he learn to let go and give into his desire to love again?

Kyle never thought he would need to find a way to relax, but when his business partner leaves him in a precarious situation, a friend suggests he go to a bathhouse to relieve some of his stress. Little did he know this one night would lead to a series of events that just might get him out of his tight spot.

For mature readers only. 

An M/M romance.

An enjoyable romance that is centred in and around a New Orleans Bathhouse called ‘Golden Rods’.

Loved the chemistry that is created between Tristan (Zeus) and Kyle.

5 Stars*****

Bathhouse (Bathhouse Stories #1) by Kyan Christopher

kc bathouse

Zach and Ryan are ready to get experimental in their relationship. On a trip through New Orleans, Zach introduces Ryan to the pleasures of a bathhouse. Despite his concerns over how it could affect their relationship, Ryan allows Zach to lead him into some intensely erotic situations.

For mature readers.  An M/M romance.

I enjoyed this novella, which is part of a series by Kyan Christopher.  And was first seen  in the More Than Friends universe created by Aria Grace.

Grab More Than Friends by Aria Grace FREE to learn how Zach and Ryan met.

4 Stars****


Ghost of a Chance (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #2.5) by Angie Fox

af ghost of a chance

‘Tis the season…for ghosts.

Verity Long has come to terms with the fact that she can see spirits, and talk to them, and…she’s actually making cookies for one of them.

But she’s drawing the line at any more ghost hunting or mystery solving.

Until a dear friend needs help locating a missing antique at the party of the year.

Not one to leave a friend in need, Verity straps on her sparkly heels and sneaks in to see what she can find—only to uncover a startling secret that will change everything.

An enjoyable Christmas novella, where Verity is again thrust into the roll of Ghost hunter.

With a great set of characters, in a well plotted and written mystery.

This is a fun series to read.

Y’all need a bit of good old Southern Spirits and charm from time to time, so y’all just come on over and sit a while.

5 Stars*****

Fascinated (The Wicked Woodleys) by Jess Michaels

jm facsinated

It’s been over a decade since Aaron Condit’s lover, Viscount Noah Seagate died. While he has had temporary diversions, he hasn’t had a real relationship since. But now he’s been invited to the home of his best friend, Leticia Blackwood and he’ll be faced with deep temptation in the form of her brother, Griffin Merrick.

Griffin has seen Aaron at certain clubs for a long time and he cannot deny that he wants the handsome solicitor. But secrets from far in the past and a desire not to hurt someone they both love stand between them. Time spent alone leads to a passionate affair, but only time will tell if they can overcome all that keeps them apart. And if they’re willing to risk losing everything in order to find love.

Loved this timeless tale of brooding love, kept at bay for the love the of another.

A great set of characters, in this well plotted and written historical romance.

I look forward to reading more of this authors m/m historical romances in the future.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by The Passionate Pen and downloaded via NetGalley.

5 Stars*****

Hy Conrad’s Blog…well worth visiting and subscribing.

Hy Conrad was one of the original writers for the television series, Monk. He worked on the show for all eight seasons, the final two as Co-Executive Producer, and received three Edgar Nominations from the Mystery Writers of America for “Best TV Series.” Conrad took over the novel series based on the TV show Monk in 2013.

Conrad is also the author of hundreds of short stories. His first full-length comedy/mystery play, Home Exchange, premiered in Key West in May 2012. He is also an author of a humor book called Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Hy splits his time among Key West, Vermont and New York City.

His latest series, is the funny daughter and mother combo, in the Amy’s Travel Mystery series.

Book #1 – Toured to Death. – 2015 from Kensington Publishing Corp.

Book #2 – Dearly Departed. – 2016 from Kensington Publishing Corp.

Book #3 – Death on the Patagonian Express. – December 27th 2016 by Kensington Publishing Corp.

It is well worth visiting Hy’s blog.  He regularly puts up posts on his ‘Mini-Mysteries’ and blogs.

You can find out more at:


Audiobooks available Internationally…April/May

These are just the audiobooks that are sitting on my Audible UK Wish List, at the moment.

Audiobooks that have come out in April.

01/04/2017 – Miles off Course: The Rowland Sinclair Series, Book 3, by Sulari Gentill.

04/04/2017 – A Twist in Time: Kendra Donovan Mysteries Series, Book 2, by Julie McElwain.

11/04/2017 – Margaritas, Marzipan, and Murder: Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries, Book 3, by Harper Lin

12/04/2017 – Silenced by the Yams: A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, Book 3, by Karen Cantwell.

13/04/2017 – A Deadly Brew: The Fourth Matthew Bartholomew Chronicle, by Susanna Gregory.

18/04/2017 – The Decorator Who Knew Too Much: Bk #4 in the Mad for Mod Mystery Series, by Diane Vallere.

18/04/2017 – Cockatiels at Seven: Meg Langslow Mysteries, Book 9, by Donna Andrews.

20/04/2017 – An Echo of Murder: William Monk Mystery, Book 23. by Anne Perry.

21/04/2017 – Silence of the Jams: Bk #2 of the Down South Café Mystery series, by Gayle Leeson.


Audiobooks coming out from next week, and through May.  That I know of , at the moment.


25/04/2017 – Antiques Frame (Book 12 in the Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery series), by Barbara Allan.

25/04/2017 – Mother’s Day Murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery, Book 15, Leslie Meier.

25/04/2017 – Deadly Wedding: The Deadly Series Series, Book 2, by Kate Parker.

25/04/2017 – The Journey: Anna Kronberg Series, Book 3, by Annelie Wendeberg.

25/04/2017 – The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase, by Greg Cox.

25/04/2017 – Christmas in Paradise: TJ Jensen Mystery Series, Book 4, Kathi Daley.

25/04/2017 – Old World Murder: Chloe Ellefson Mystery Series, Book 1, by Kathleen Ernst.

25/04/2017 – Though This Be Madness: The Lily Long Mysteries, Book 2, by Penny Richards.

25/04/2017 – Every Body on Deck: Savannah Reid, Book 22, by G. A. McKevett.

27/04/2017 – A Wicked Deed: The Fifth Matthew Bartholomew Chronicle, by Susanna Gregory.


02/05/2017 – The Dark Prophecy: The Trials of Apollo, Book 2, Rick Riordan.

02/05/2017 – Walking on My Grave (Book 26 in the Death On Demand series), by Carolyn Hart.

02/05/2017 – Murder in the Bowery (Book 20 in the Gaslight Mysteries series), Victoria Thompson.

02/05/2017 – Dead and Berried: Cranberry Cove Mysteries Series, Book 3, Peg Cochran.

04/05/2017 – The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star: Baby Ganesh Agency, Book 3, by Vaseem Khan.

09/05/2017 – The Girl Who Knew Too Much, by Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz).

16/05/2017 – Death in the Abstract: A Katherine Sullivan Mystery, by Emily Barnes.

16/05/2017 – Mother’s Little Helper: A Margie Peterson Mystery, Book 3, by Karen MacInerney.

So many audiobooks, so little credits! lol

Will have to really think over what I choose.  But I want them all…and I want them NOW! lol


I wonder how many can relate to this…

Imagine that you are born with a disability.  And yes, Dyslexia is a disability, not a major one, but all the same, it is still a disability.   In a time period where this disability is totally ignored by the schools that you attend from the age of 4 to 11 (classed as your more informative years), as another New fangled medical clap-trap and ignored.  And also put down by your parents, as being plain lazy.  Where you are considered as being, thick, stupid and backward, by teachers and other pupils…including your so called friends.

Then you move up to the Senior school (the UK school system was: Infants age 4 to 7, Juniors age 7 to 11, and Seniors aged 11 to 16 ), where you are given a simple test (simple for those that can read and write, not for those of us that struggled with both).  The results from this test, sends you to a Remedial class, where the teachers for this half hour lesson, twice a week, are there to try and help you with both your reading and writing.  Still no one picks up on this condition.

But these teachers are good and patient, and try to find ways to help you, and encourage you.  You also have to take a book out each week, from the remedial class library.  That’s easy, as I have been doing it for years on my trips to the library with my mum.  Just pick a book by its cover, if it looks exciting or colourful,, and has pictures inside, take it…lets face it, it’s not like I’m going to read it anyway!

But that is where I was completely wrong!

The last book that I picked, just before the Christmas school holidays were to start, looked like this (it wasn’t this one, but I can’t find a picture of the one I want on the web)nd amarda cover

What’s the old saying…don’t judge a book by its cover.  Well I did.  And it was the best thing that I have ever done!

The cover spoke to me, metaphorically speaking. (damn, I can’t believe that I just spelt metaphorically without looking it up!  *Does happy dance.  Not brain-dead, yet!* lol).

And for the first time, I actually struggled to read the words inside, and got as far as the end of the first chapter.  Only understanding minimal words, and using my imagination for the rest.  Still it was a feat for me to do that much!

So at the next lesson, I wanted to renew the book over the Christmas period.  But was told that I couldn’t.

I spent most of the Christmas break, thinking of that book, and for the first time, wanting school to start so I could get it out again!

I went to my first remedial lesson of the New Year, only to be told that I had passed a test (one I didn’t even know that I had taken), and that I was to return to my normal lessons.  I did ask if I could take the book out, again.  But was told that they were for Remedial pupils only, which I was no long one of them.

I was gutted that I couldn’t have the book out.  So I badgered and begged my mum to allow me to get the book when we went shopping in town on Saturday.

Now comes the problem.  When we got to W. H. Smiths news agents/booksellers in the High Street, the covers were not the same as the ones in the Remedial class.  And I couldn’t think of, nor remember the title.

Armada Books (the children’s paperback division of William Collins & Sons Ltd), had changed the covers on the Nancy Drew books the year before in 1975 (the copies in the Remedial class where from the original set of 10 published in 1973).

I was determined to have one, and hoped for the best that I had picked the right one!  But which one?  There were 12 to choose from.  This is the one I did choose (and the cover is the correct one, too!).


Isn’t it lovely?  Does it speak to you, like it did to me 40 years ago?  But it wasn’t the one I had picked out in the Remedial class.  That was Book #10 in UK numbered editions…The Invisible Intruder.

I struggled with the words.  But with the help of my mum and Nan, I started to learn to read.  Also learning to focus my eyes as best I could, so the words wouldn’t swim around the page as much.

I haven’t looked back since, except to reminisce.  My first love, will always be mysteries, adventure and amateur sleuths.  Oh, I read lots of genres now days, but I keep returning to my mystery books every time.

What’s Dyslexia like?  Each person is different.  There is no “One Size Fit All” remedy.  Mine has never been diagnosed, so no solution or help has ever been given, even to this day.  Like everything else in my life, I have had to manage and cope on my own…just like I do for all my other medical problems.  It’s really wonderful being Mister Cellophane (Chicago – the musical), NOT!

I’m a slow reader and writer (these blogs can take 3 hours plus to write), mainly because I have to concentrate on the written words, so they don’t swim around the page.  If I don’t, I end up with a migraine.  I have no co-ordination with my eyes, hands or feet (so don’t ask me to dance, if you want to keep your toes intact!).  I have trouble remembering which is my left or right.  I’m not simple or stupid, just slow…at everything (I’m the tortoise, not the hare!).

I love being read to.  Mainly because I don’t have to concentrate on the written word, but on the voice telling the story.  If they are the right narrator for the story, its pure magic.  If the narrator is wrong for the book, I don’t care…it’s the story that is being told, that I’m more interested in.  And the words spoken will conjure up the pictures and scenes in my mind’s eye.  Who needs TV, when there are books!  And with my health going down hill, it has now got to the point where I can’t hold anything for too long, and that includes books, no matter whether they are paperback or hardback.  And I can’t manage some of the print in paperbacks.  Kindle is ok in the fact that I can change the font size or turn on “Text to Voice”.  But for those of us living outside the USA, our choice of Kindle books is 50% less than what is available in the USA.

So hopefully, you can now all realise why I get up on my Soap Box and keep banging on my drum, and will keep on banging on, and on, and on, about “Territorial Rights”, where publishers such as Berkley have restricted, audiobooks and Kindle books to the USA only, because of these “Territorial Rights”.  We have very limited availability of these in both areas.  At the present moment, there are just over a 1000 cozy mysteries on Audible.com.  On the other International Audible sites, you are looking at about 300, if that!

For many US readers, my going on might seem petty.  That is mainly because you can walk into a bookstore, a library, or go on Amazon and Audible and buy or borrow these books and audio, as easy as pie.  Come and walk in our shoes, and see what it’s like to walk on the other side of the fence.  Where your book shops don’t stock these books, where your library are not allowed to stock anything that isn’t on their suppliers list, in either book, audio or ebook.  Where Amazon.uk and Audible.co.uk can only supply you with books, audio and Kindle, that are not controlled by “Territorial Rights”.

This doesn’t just affect us International readers/listeners.

It also affects all the cozy authors and writers of other genres, and the readers too.

“Territorial Rights” means that the publisher has a strangle hold on the author, restricting their work, to just the USA on audio, ebook and before the internet book selling started, also on physical books.  This reduces what is available to International readers/listeners.  The authors themselves, are trying to gain a wider International audience, but are being choked back by the publisher that uses these “Rights”.  The more readers/followers the author gains, that buy their books, audio and ebooks, means more sales.  More sales, means they stand more chance at having their contract renewed.  Which means more books in the series that you have grown to love.

So “Territorial Rights” are the pits, for all readers and writers alike, whether you are an Internationally reader/listener, or a reader/listener in the USA.


Audiobooks and gaining International readers/listeners.

Audiobooks and gaining International readers/listeners.
From a recent chat with Nancy J. Cohen (author of the Bad Hair Day Mysteries):

Me:  I’m doing a piece on Audiobooks, very soon on fb.  As someone who has used their International Promo Codes from Audible, would it be ok if I put your name down as someone for other authors to chat to about Audible International Codes and how to
get them?
As many authors that have their audiobooks available internationally, don’t realise that they also have access to “Promo Codes” to their audiobooks in the 4 International Audible sites of the UK, FR, DE, AU, or how to get them.

Nancy:  Sure. All I did was request UK codes from Audible.

Me:  Thank you.

Nancy:  I’d like to know how to reach more listeners, so maybe include that in your piece. Other than the usual FB groups and Twitter and review sites.

Which like Nancy, many authors would like to reach more readers/listeners worldwide.

One way that I can think of, is finding readers/listeners outside of the USA.  Is by offering a free audible code for the country they live in (or the nearest Audible one), for them to read/listen, in exchange for an honest review.  And hopefully they will blog and rave about your book/s on their local networks, that in turn will gradually spread the word and generate interest in your books in the right areas.

You can also do this as well with physical books once they are published, by sending copies to be reviewed via The Book Depository…they deliver books/audio CDs/MP3s Worldwide for FREE.

Unfortunately Kindle books can only be “Gifted” within the USA on Amazon.com.  International Amazon and Kobo sites DO NOT support “Gifting”, so unless you have another way of sending an ebook Internationally, this is not an option.

But back to the audiobook part.

Here is the important part. 

If you give an Audible USA code to an International reader/listener, they have to access Audible.com to get the audiobook, and their review will ONLY show up as registered as an Audible USA review/reviewer.

This WILL NOT generate sales on the International sites that your audiobook/s appear on, and that is what you are wanting to attract, New International readers/listeners.

All that will shows up on, say Audible.co.uk or AU/FR/DE is “There are no listener reviews for this title yet”…nope, no “local” reviews.
And people will just pass it by, as no one has listened to it, so it can’t be worth listening to.  Nope, nada, nil, zilch interest generated.  NO INTEREST, NO SALES = NO READER RETURNING TO LISTEN TO MORE OF YOUR BOOKS.

As the review HAS to be made on the site the code is allocated for.  So get your codes for International Audible sites.

Example: I have had 2 audiobooks from Nancy J. Cohen, free in exchange for a honest review.

The first was, Permed to Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery Book #1) UK code, showing my UK review on Audible.co.uk.

The second was, Hair Raiser (Bad Hair Day Mystery Book #2) on a USA code, showing no local listeners on Audible.co.uk, “There are no listener reviews for this title yet”.  No listener reviews, will generate very little interest.  I have listened and reviewed it, but it had to be on Audible.com.

You should get audiobook codes for the UK and any of the other Audible International sites that your book/s are available on, in the same way you get the USA codes, from Audible.com.

International sites are:

United Kingdom (audible.co.uk)
Australia (audible.com.AU)
Germany (audible.de)
France (audible.fr).

Please check how you are doing on reviews on the above sites by visiting and clicking on your book, scroll down and look at the “Local” reviews (if you have any)…believe me, on Audible.co.uk, it’s not pretty sight! 😦

Audiobook listeners:  Please, please do leave reviews after listening, even if it is “I liked this book” or “This book wasn’t for me”…they do make a difference.

NB:  Unfortunately not all authors have audiobooks or Kindle books available outside the USA.

This is due to some publishers (mainly the Big 5), who are still living in the 20th century and haven’t come fully into the computerised age of the 21st century yet.  Where 90% of the sales are recorded and royalties paid. 

With them still retaining the antiquated and out of mode “Territorial Rights” contract, that puts a “Strangle Hold” on their authors from reaching a wider International audience, in both Kindle and Audio formats.


Make sure that all your Kindle books are Internationally available, NOT “Territorial”…as you are loosing SALES!

Retain your Audio Rights, and make sure that they are also Internationally available (not restricted to the USA only “Territorial”).  And have a “Use it, or Loose it” clause put in, so that if they do not produce the audiobook within 18 months to 2 years, the audio option returns to you.

If you think I’m talking out of my rear end, with not being an author “what does he know about contracts”.  Here is a blog piece from author and friend, KJ Charles, who has worked both sides of the publishing counter, for over 2 decades, as an editor and now as a writer.


Dead Between the Lines (Devereaux’s Dime Store #3) by Denise Swanson

ds dead between the lines

Opening an old-fashioned five-and-dime shop in her small Missouri hometown has been a great change for Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair. But when she hosts a reading group there, she learns that bad writing can mean life or death.

To keep her new business in the black, Dev opens up her shop to local clubs. But in the first meeting of the Stepping Out Book Club, the speaker storms out after members attack his poetry’s sexism and scorn for small towns. Later that night, the poet’s body is found outside Dev’s store.

Dev can’t afford for the murder to close her down, so she does a little stepping out of her own to investigate, with help from her two sexy suitors, Dr. Noah Underwood and Deputy U.S. Marshal Jake Del Vecchio. But when the killer threatens Dev, they will have to use every trick in the book to solve the case before she becomes the final chapter in this murder mystery.…

This is my first visit to Dev’s Dime Store, but not my last.

I found this is a fun and funny mystery, and has had me laughing.  With a good set of characters, in a well plotted and written mystery, that will keep you listening right until the end.

The narrator Maia Guest, makes this audiobook an enjoyable and smooth listen.

I voluntarily giving an honest review of a audio copy of this book for the author.

Available in paperback and audio download in both the UK and the USA.

5 Stars*****

Ruddy Gore (Phryne Fisher #7) by Kerry Greenwood.

kg ruddy gore

A night at the theatre is interrupted by a bizarre and mysterious on-stage death

Running late to the Hinkler gala performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Ruddigore, Phryne Fisher meets some thugs in a dark alley and handles them convincingly before they can ruin her silver dress. Phryne then finds that she has rescued a gorgeous Chinese, Lin Chung, and his grandmother, and is briefly mistaken for a deity.

Denying divinity but accepting cognac, she later continues safely to the theatre. But it’s an unexpected evening as her night is again interrupted by a most bizarre death onstage.

What links can Phryne possibly find between the ridiculously entertaining plot of Ruddigore, the Chinese community of Little Bourke St or the actors treading the boards of His Majesty’s Theatre?

Drawn backstage and onstage, Phryne must solve an old murder and find a new murderer – and, of course, banish the theatre’s ghost, who seems likely to kill again.

I enjoyed this edition to the Miss Phryne Fisher mysteries.  This one is set within a theatre on the edge of China town, that has murder and ghosts!

As always well plotted, written, with plenty of twists and turns, to keep you turning the pages right till the end.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  Published by Poisoned Pen Press and downloaded via NetGalley.

Available in Hardback, paperback, Audible download and audio CD.

5 Stars*****