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Frequently Auto-Approved

Just collected my 6th badge.

This one is for Frequently Auto-Approved.

I have auto-approvals, from and for the following publishers:

Endeavour Press

Ipso Books

Poisoned Pen Press

Prelude Books

Riverdale Avenue Books

Severn House

Not bad going for someone who only joined just over 2 years ago.

I would like to thank all publishers for allowing me access to their publications.



Lonesome Road (Miss Silver #3) by Patricia Wentworth

pw lonesome road

This is an Isis recording of Lonesome Road, read by Diana Bishop.

Where there’s money, there’s a motive for murder!

When Rachel Treherne inherits the family estate she does not enjoy her new status. And nor do her relatives, one of whom seems to be trying to kill her.

This is the third book in the Miss Silver mysteries.

Greed, fear and love are all the elements that make up a good story from Patricia Wentworth.   With an interesting set of character in a good plotted storyline.  This mystery will keep you on edge from start to finish.

With the excellent narration done by Diana Bishop, which was a joy to listen to.

5 Stars*****

Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #6

I’m writing this in the rest periods between doing long overdue household cleaning and jobs.  I can only doing chores for 5 minute periods at a time and then rest.  All I really want to do to be quite honest, is go back to bed and sleep, read, sleep, read…and probably will have to later on!

With not having an audiobook on at the moment, my mind has been wandering…and it is weird at what things pop into your head for no reason!

My wanderings brought up the difference in the price of books from when I started to buy children’s books back in 1976 at 25p each for a paperback book, which was nearly a whole weeks pocket/sweets money!  To what you have to pay out now, which is anywhere between £6.99 to £8.99 each for paperbacks.

Well that’s the outside front windows cleaned.  It’s a bugger when your house fronts a busy street, and the only time you can get out there to clean them without getting in pedestrians way is on a Sunday!

Oh well, that took me over an hour and a half to do a living room window and front door…but they are done now!  The inside ones are next and I also need to change the summer curtains for the winter ones.  I think my morning is fully booked!

But for now I need rest and have breakfast.

Toodle pip, old beans…speak to you later.



Caught Dead Handed (Witch City Mystery #1) by Carol J. Perry

cjp caught

This was my second reading of this first book in the Witch City mysteries.

It was such a delight to reread.  It was still as fresh, charming and enjoyable as it was the first time.  With a great set of characters of Lee (Marilee), Aunt Ibby, O’Ryan and Detective Pete Mondello.  In a well plotted and written mystery that will keep you turning the pages from start to finish.

If you have not tried this series yet…they are well worth reading.

5 Stars*****

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Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #5

OK, I succumbed.

My New £10.00 Amazon Gift Cert plus some dosh (money), has been spent on the above books…but I did last out for 72 hours before I caved!

So ok…bite me! 😀

Christmas is coming.

This goose isn’t getting fat.

Because he keeps spending money on books, books, books!

Audiobook Update for Sept/Oct 2017

Yay! Just been nosing on Audible USA on what has come out in the last 30 days and what is coming out soon in October.
These are the audiobooks that are available Internationally…
Death Overdue: A Haunted Library Mystery #1 by Allison Brook on the 10th.
Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery #1 by Jacqueline Frost on the 10th.
Ghost on the Case by Carolyn Hart on the 10th.
Éclair and Present Danger: Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery Series, Book 1 by Laura Bradford on 17th.
The Ninja’s Illusion: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery, Book 5 by Gigi Pandian on the 3rd.
Black Ship: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery by Carola Dunn on the 10th.
Homicide for the Holidays: Viv and Charlie Mystery, Book 2 by Cheryl Honigford on the 10th.
Gentlemen Formerly Dressed: The Rowland Sinclair Series, Book 5 & A Dangerous Language by Sulari Gentill, both available on the 5th.
Tastes Like Murder: Cookies & Chance Mysteries, Book 1 by Catherine Bruns came out on the 20th September.
A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson, came out on the 18th September.
Treasure in Paradise: A TJ Jensen Mystery, Book 7 by Kathi Daley, came out on the 10th September.
Death Distilled: A Whisky Business Mystery bk #2 by Melinda Mullet, came out on the 5th September.
Dog Dish of Doom: An Agent to the Paws Mystery bk #1 by E.J. Copperman, came out on the 5th September.
Body on Baker Street: A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery, Book 2 by Vicki Delany, came out on the 12th September.
Doom with a View: A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery bk #2 by Kate Kingsbury, came out on the 12th September.
This Side of Murder: A Verity Kent Mystery, Book 1 by Anna Lee Huber, came out on 26th September.
I have managed to get the Kate Kingsbury and the Vicki Delany, but the rest are sadly still sitting and waiting on my ‘Wish List’.
But sadly the audiobooks that are not available Internationally in the last 30 days are from these authors:
Delia James, Betty Hechtman, Barabara Ross, Emily Brightwell, Karen MacInerney, Leslie Meier, Sofie Kelly & Marty Wingate.  😦

Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #4

gift a book

We all love to receiving signed books and gifts.  Who doesn’t!?

Books make great gifts and many authors do giveaways and competitions, but very few are open to International readers due to the high rate of the shipping costs.  And that is understandable, and just not viable even when the book is an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy).  Some authors do send ARCs out Internationally and they are gratefully received and prized (well in my case they are).

Many authors want to attract readers from all around the world, and the more readers that they attract the more books they sell.

How can authors attract readers in other countries?

Simplest solution that I can think of (when my brain works) is to find International readers that review books, whether they review via a blog, Goodreads, Amazon or just plain talk their heads off about books on Facebook or Twitter…or do all of the above.  They are more likely to attract other readers in their own country, hence more sales and followers.

As I have already mentioned, mailing out ARCs is nice, but not cost-effective.

So another option is ‘Gifting’ an Kindle/e-book copy via Amazon, but this can only be done after the book is published.

Some countries (like the UK) do not have the gifting option (that means I can’t gift a book to my cousin Karen in VA), BUT she can ‘Gift’ a book to me, as Amazon USA does do ‘Gifting’.  Gifting is a viable option to send books overseas, as it cuts out the shipping cost.

Another option is audiobooks.

If your book is in audio and is available via Audible Internationally, you can request Audible codes for those countries as well as the USA.  Audible codes are equivalent to the box of physical authors copies you receive.  They are your entitlement as the author, no matter whether you have received a box of physical discs from the audio production company.  You are still entitled to those Audible codes, and they can be used as gifts, prizes or sent to reviewers.  This also cuts out shipping costs and also gets your audiobook reviewed in another country, which can lead to more sales.





Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #3


We all have our own system of grading what we review.   And I’m no different from anybody else.

My grading system goes on an enjoyment and rereading factor.

If I really enjoyed the book, audiobook or film, and it is something that I will reread, listen to or watch again…it will get 5 stars.

If I enjoyed the book, audiobook or film, and it is something that I will probably go back to and reread, listen to or watch again…it will get 4 stars.

If it was a good book, audiobook or film, and I might at some point go back to and reread, listen to or watch again…it will get 3 stars.

If it was just an ok book, audiobook or film, I probably wont go back to again …it will get 2 stars.

If I have struggled with it, to the point of throwing it into the corner of the room and not being able or willing to continue…it will get 1 star.

And NIL points on anything that comes under the heading of ‘What the Hell is this Crap’Will NOT get reviewed.

If it is an ARC and scored 1 or 0, I would inform the publisher that I couldn’t get on with the book and my reasons behind that decision.