Cape Cod and the Islands – Where Beauty and History Meet by Kathryn Kleekamp

cape Cod

This is a stunning book of artwork from the artist Kathryn Kleekamp, including historic photographs of Cape Cod and its neighbouring islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Full of stories, memories and information about the area, including recipes of the islands.

Ideal as a keepsake for anyone who has visited the area, or like myself, an armchair visitor, in this beautiful coffee table book.

Loved the stunning artwork and informational text, including the recipes, that I plan on trying in time.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Schiffer Publishing and downloaded via NetGalley.

Charleston: A Keepsake by Antelo Devereux Jr.


One hundred and thirty photographs highlight the history, culture, and sparkle of Charleston, South Carolina, once considered the jewel of England’s crown. Tag along on this tour of a town with a storied past, from grand tourist magnets like Middleton Plantation to the humbling Old Slave Mart Museum. Meander along streets lined with live oak trees. Glimpse lovely gardens behind wrought iron gates. Imagine the smell of blooming jasmine thick in the air and the clip-clop sounds of horse-drawn carriages. For the resident, frequent visitor, or armchair traveller, these photographs capture the soul of an assertive southern belle.

A photographic tour around South Carolina’s historic town of Charleston.  Perfect for any armchair traveller like myself, to see places that they may never get a chance to visit.

I loved looking at this delightful book, with it’s stunning photographs, bringing to life the Southern charm and beauty of the historic town.  It is one place that I would have loved to have visited.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Schiffer Publishing and downloaded via NetGalley.

4 Stars****



The Strangled Witness (A Colonel Primrose Mystery #1) by Leslie Ford

lf strangled witness

A few hours before Senator Greer intended to renounce his support of public utilities, he was found murdered in his study. Washington police knew he lived in a maze of political intrigue, surrounded by enemies. They knew, too, about lovely Lynn Ash, secret lobbyist for the utility interests, who had been closely associated with Greer. But when they went to question her, they found she had been strangled to death in her car. The case was a stalemate until Colonel Primrose, sentimental gentleman sleuth, smoked out the killer in this breathless mystery novel of the nation’s cosmopolitan capital.

I just love going back in time, and reading the classic vintage “Golden Age” mysteries from the early, to middle part of the 20th century.

The Strangled Witness is the first of the Colonel John Primrose mysteries, and is full of atmosphere and electric charge from the era.

I enjoyed this first outing of Colonel Primrose and the solid Sergeant Buck, and look forward to reading and reviewing  more of their adventures…where you will be introduced to the lovely Grace Latham.

Sadly these classics are hard to find.  Thankfully I have managed to collect the majority of the Leslie Ford books, including all the Colonel John Primrose and Grace Latham mysteries, over the last 40 years.

5 Stars*****

Yellowstone Country: Idaho, Wyoming & Montana (Lost on Gray Roads) by David Skernick


Are you up for a road trip?

Where as most of us will probably only visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks main visiting areas.  This book of stunning photographs will show you the beauty of the Yellowstone country.

From the majestic wildlife, to the fabulous landscapes.  Along roads that are less travelled by visitors, these pictures will bring alive the natural beauty of the Yellowstone country, spanning Idaho, Wyoming and Montana states.

For an armchair visitor, who may never visit this area.  I found the photographs rich and stunningly beautiful in this coffee table book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd and downloaded via NetGalley.

4 Stars****


Open Road by Garett Groves

gg open road

A May to December novella.

I loved this story.

The fact that these 2 characters, from 2 different age groups are dealing with, who they are, their pasts and where they want or need to go.

And with it ending as it did…I think it has left an Open Road for more stories.

This was a free download from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars****



A Youthful Indiscretion: A Novella (A Very English Mystery #1.5) by Elizabeth Edmondson

ee youthful

This novella is the prequel to book #2 – A Question of Inheritance.

Not all secrets from the past stay buried!

From the end of book #1- A Man of Some Repute.  Freya and Hugo’s discovered a letter from a mysterious Mary Louise to the late Lord Selchester, stating “My Dearest Husband”.

Had Lord Selchester married this Mary (Marie) Louise?  And if so, was it legal?  Was his marriage to Freya’s aunt bigamous?  And will this put a stop to Lady Sonia being able to sell the castle to a Swiss Hotel Consortium?

Freya gets warnings from the family and others, to drop it.  But Freya is fighting with her conscience, and just can’t let ‘sleeping dogs lie’.

This series has to be read in order, to get the full effect.  This is the prequel to book 2, and it adds background to the next book.  But is only available in ebook/kindle, so can be missed out, without spoiling the effect of the next book – A Question of Inheritance.

Really enjoying this series.  With a good set of characters, in a well crafted and written mystery.

Looking forward to reading more of this series.

4 Stars****

Monk’s Hood (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #3) by Ellis Peters

ep monks hood

Gervase Bonel has bequeathed his manor in Wales to Shrewsbury Abbey, cutting his stepson out of what was to be his and sends him packing to his sister and her coffin maker husband in Shrewsbury. 

Meanwhile,  Abbott Heribert has been called to attend the legatine council, and has been instructed that until he is confirmed as Abbott or a replacement is named, that no business can be finalised…which leaves Gervase Bonel’s bequest incomplete.

Bonel with his wife and servants, still takes up residence in the Abbey’s Forgate of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, where he is suddenly taken ill.

Luckily, the Abbey boasts the services of Brother Cadfael, a skilled herbalist. Cadfael hurries to the man’s bedside, only to be confronted by two very different surprises. 

In Master Bonel’s wife, the good monk recognises Richildis, whom he loved before he took his vows.  And Master Bonel has been fatally poisoned by a dose of deadly monk’s-hood oil from Cadfael’s herbarium.

The Sheriff is convinced that the murderer is Richildis’ son Edwin, but Cadfael is certain of her son’s innocence.  Using his knowledge of both herbs and the human heart, Cadfael deciphers a deadly recipe for murder…

Another well crafted mystery from Ellis Peters, that sweeps you into the 12th century like travelling in a time machine.

This was a audiobook, produced by Hachette Audio UK and downloaded via

Narrated by Stephen Thorne, whose voice, breathes life into the telling of the 12th century and the Brother Cadfael mysteries.

5 Stars*****

Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators in The Secret of Terror Castle (Book #1)

T3I Terror Castle

The first book in The Three Investigators mystery series.

Originally written in 1964 (the year I was born), which I first read when I was 12 in 1976, and re-read many times since.  I just love this series.  It was so well crafted by Robert Arthur, that the series continued long after his death, with authors taking up his mantle – to a total of 43 books in the main series, with a further 11 books in the Crimebusters series until 1990.

The series has such a large international fandom, that the German fans continued to write and publish The Three Investigators books, adding to the series.

T3I business card

Finding a genuine haunted house for a movie set sounds like fun — and a great way to generate publicity for the Three Investigators’ new detective agency. But when the boys arrive for an overnight visit at Terror Castle — home of a deceased horror-movie actor — they soon find out how the place got its name!

I so wanted to be one of the Three Investigators, and be able to use one of the entrances to Headquarters…like Red Gate Rover!

5 Stars*****

June/July Books for Murder, Mystery & More… Book Group & Murder/Mystery Reading Room on FB

Events on Murder, Mystery & More… Book Group.

18th June – The Alpine Advocate by Mary Daheim.

2nd July – A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters (rescheduled from the beginning of June).

30th July – Second Sight by Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz).

An Open Thread Discussion will be opened for anyone who wants to read and discuss for the rest of this month (June) of – The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles.

And the Open Thread Discussion for July will be – The Penguin Pool Murder by Stuart Palmer.

In the Murder/Mystery Reading Room, events will be set up for the following:

9th July – Grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth.

16th July – Toasting up Trouble by Linda Wiken.

The Open Thread Discussion for the rest of this month will be – Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen.

And for July – The Christie Curse by Victoria Abbott.

NOTICE: All books are chosen because they are ‘Firsts’ in a series, and are readily available in multiple formats to either borrow from a library, or are reasonably priced to buy.

So why not come and join us on FB.

Murder, Mystery & More… Book Group
Murder/Mystery Reading Room.

Death in Advertising (A Tobi Tobias Mystery #1) by Laura Bradford

lb advertising

First in a New Series!

When Tobi Tobias decided to open her own ad agency, having to moonlight in a pet shop wasn’t part of her vision . . . of course, neither was murder.

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, the door you open leads to a closet. That’s certainly the case for Tobi, whose weekends spent cleaning cages in her best friend’s pet shop may soon be over. She’s just landed her first big break—Zander Closet Company needs a catchy campaign slogan ASAP, and Tobi thinks she’s got the right hook to knock ’em dead: “When we’re done, even your skeletons will have a place.”

But when a real dead body topples out of a showcase closet, she’s about to discover there is such a thing as bad publicity. To save her fledgling business and not get killed by the competition, Tobi takes on a new pet project: solving the murder. But with a stressed-out parrot as the only witness to the crime, Tobi will really have to wing it to put the cagey killer behind bars.

As far as I’m concerned, Laura Bradford has created another wonderful series.

This is a fun, light cozy mystery, with a good set of characters that I want to learn more about, and see if there are any skeletons hanging in their closets!  Well plotted and written, with a good entertaining story line.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  Published by Lyrical Underground/Kensington Books, and downloaded via NetGalley.

5 Stars*****