The Collectors (His Dark Materials 0.6a) by Philip Pullman

pp the collectors

This is the first time that I have read/listened to anything that Philip Pullman has written.  And I only got this, as it was a ‘Members’ freebie from

The story takes place in a university between 2 men discussing two pieces of art that seem to turn up in the same place, no matter where it is over the last 70 years.

Mr Pullman has the sense of macabre like Roald Dahl’s Tales of The Unexpected, always with a twist in the tale.

It was an interesting story to listen to, and very well narrated by Bill Nighy.

I doubt that I will listen to it again.  Although a good tale, it isn’t what I would normally listen to.

3 Stars***


Dear Me by Peter Ustinov

pu dear me

Sir Peter Ustinov’s autobiography goes from his birth in April 1921, and spans his extraordinary career as actor, playwright, film star and director to the mid to late 1970’s.

Narrated by the author, Ustinov’s renowned gift for mimicry is exploited to the full in Dear Me.

I found it interesting and entertaining, as Peter always is on interview/talk shows.  He is a storyteller who is a joy to listen to.

Would I listen to the audiobook again?  Yes, I read the book back in the 90’s and this is the second time that I have listened to the audiobook.

An enjoyable, entertaining read/listen.

5 Stars*****

The Saltmarsh Murders (Mrs. Bradley #4) by Gladys Mitchell

gm saltmarsh

When the vicar’s wife discovers that her unmarried housemaid is pregnant, sometime detective and full-time Freudian, Mrs. Bradley, undertakes a unnervingly unorthodox investigation into the mysterious pregnancy and subsequent deaths in the village.

One of the classic ‘Golden Age’ crime mysteries.

I really like the Gladys Mitchell Mrs. Bradley books.  For that period, Gladys Mitchell touched subjects that many authors would never go near.  But she managed it with such panache, that she pulled it off time and time again.

I enjoyed my third or is it my fourth reading/listening of the book…oh well, no matter.  These books are always a joy to read or listen to (we need more audiobooks, please).  If you like quirky, off the beaten track mysteries, theses will fill the spot.

5 Stars*****


Danger Point (Miss Silver #4) by Patricia Wentworth

pw danger point

Miss Silver is returning from holiday when a distraught young woman enters her carriage. Beautiful society heiress Lisle Jerningham confides that she believes her husband Dale is trying to kill her. An overheard conversation and a near-tragic accident have convinced her that her life is in danger. Lisle returns to Tanfield Court, unsettled by her suspicions and then by another accident. But it’s when a young woman from the local village is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, that she really begins to fear for her life. It’s a good thing that Miss Silver is on hand…

I love this series.  These are my comfort reads/listens.

These are well styled and written mystery/romance books, with the lead character of Miss Maud Silver (ex governess turned Private Enquiry Agent), who fits in to any household or village quite easily with her knitting bag over her arm and a soothing, listening presence.  Always backed up by one of her ex pupils, Randal Marsh or Frank Abbott, who are detectives in the police force.

Diana Bishops narration of the Miss Silver mysteries is to me the definitive voice of the audiobooks, just like Joan Hickson is for me the definitive Miss Jane Marple.

5 Stars*****

New NetGalley Badge


Frequently Auto-Approved

Just collected my 6th badge.

This one is for Frequently Auto-Approved.

I have auto-approvals, from and for the following publishers:

Endeavour Press

Ipso Books

Poisoned Pen Press

Prelude Books

Riverdale Avenue Books

Severn House

Not bad going for someone who only joined just over 2 years ago.

I would like to thank all publishers for allowing me access to their publications.



Lonesome Road (Miss Silver #3) by Patricia Wentworth

pw lonesome road

This is an Isis recording of Lonesome Road, read by Diana Bishop.

Where there’s money, there’s a motive for murder!

When Rachel Treherne inherits the family estate she does not enjoy her new status. And nor do her relatives, one of whom seems to be trying to kill her.

This is the third book in the Miss Silver mysteries.

Greed, fear and love are all the elements that make up a good story from Patricia Wentworth.   With an interesting set of character in a good plotted storyline.  This mystery will keep you on edge from start to finish.

With the excellent narration done by Diana Bishop, which was a joy to listen to.

5 Stars*****

Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #6

I’m writing this in the rest periods between doing long overdue household cleaning and jobs.  I can only doing chores for 5 minute periods at a time and then rest.  All I really want to do to be quite honest, is go back to bed and sleep, read, sleep, read…and probably will have to later on!

With not having an audiobook on at the moment, my mind has been wandering…and it is weird at what things pop into your head for no reason!

My wanderings brought up the difference in the price of books from when I started to buy children’s books back in 1976 at 25p each for a paperback book, which was nearly a whole weeks pocket/sweets money!  To what you have to pay out now, which is anywhere between £6.99 to £8.99 each for paperbacks.

Well that’s the outside front windows cleaned.  It’s a bugger when your house fronts a busy street, and the only time you can get out there to clean them without getting in pedestrians way is on a Sunday!

Oh well, that took me over an hour and a half to do a living room window and front door…but they are done now!  The inside ones are next and I also need to change the summer curtains for the winter ones.  I think my morning is fully booked!

But for now I need rest and have breakfast.

Toodle pip, old beans…speak to you later.



Caught Dead Handed (Witch City Mystery #1) by Carol J. Perry

cjp caught

This was my second reading of this first book in the Witch City mysteries.

It was such a delight to reread.  It was still as fresh, charming and enjoyable as it was the first time.  With a great set of characters of Lee (Marilee), Aunt Ibby, O’Ryan and Detective Pete Mondello.  In a well plotted and written mystery that will keep you turning the pages from start to finish.

If you have not tried this series yet…they are well worth reading.

5 Stars*****

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Ramblings of a Book-a-Holic #5

OK, I succumbed.

My New £10.00 Amazon Gift Cert plus some dosh (money), has been spent on the above books…but I did last out for 72 hours before I caved!

So ok…bite me! 😀

Christmas is coming.

This goose isn’t getting fat.

Because he keeps spending money on books, books, books!