Wishing Cross Station by February Grace – A YA time travel romance.

fg wishing cross“Don’t stay a moment longer than you have to. Don’t say too much. Don’t pollute the timeline.”

When nineteen-year-old college library page Keigan Wainwright is sent to pick up a private donation of books for the school’s collection, he has no idea where one of those books will take him, or what it will take from him.

Retracing a powerful man’s footsteps through the past, Keigan finds himself caught in the same dangerous trap: falling in love with a woman he was never meant to know, and uncertain he will ever find his way home.

Wishing Cross Station: A bittersweet fantasy romance from the author of GODSPEED and OF STARDUST.

A very thought provoking YA time travel novel.


Darkness Torn Assunder by Alexis Morgan – Enjoyable novella of The Paladin series

am tornContinuing the sexy, paranormal Paladins series where Darkness on Fire left off, this original e-novella features larger-than-life warriors in a secret army that battles evil in the modern world.

Fifteen years after Emmett Stone was unjustly imprisoned for a brutal attack, the true aggressor came forward to tell the truth about that fatal night. Shortly before Emmett’s release from prison, he’s visited by two men who understand his strange ability to rapidly heal from anything, and why he’s driven to protect those around him. And they have a very unusual job offer for him…

When Emmett cuts his hand at work, his boss insists he go to get stitched up. To keep up the charade of normalcy, Emmett goes to the free clinic, where he meets Jana. Instantly drawn to her quiet beauty and caring nature, he vows to protect her at all costs. But will his fierce protectiveness and hidden secrets cause Jana to run?

Enjoyed this novella.  Alexis Morgan’s Paladin novels are enjoyable paranormal romantic reads.


His Client – Another excellent M/M romantic novel from the pen of Ava March.

av his client Slowly wading my way through them, and haven’t found a dud yet!

Love wasn’t supposed to be part of the bargain…

On every visit to Madame Delacroix’s brothel, Nathaniel Travers requests the same man. Stunningly handsome and highly skilled, Jasper not only shares Nate’s fondness for wickedly erotic games and black leather corsets, but he has become a trusted confidant. And Jasper’s the only person who knows Nate longs for a committed relationship with his childhood friend, Peter Edmonton.

Unrequited love hurts, but it hurts even more when the object of affection is in love with another. Jasper Reed has been working at Delacroix’s for a decade. He’s saved enough to retire, yet he remains at the decadent London brothel. Leaving would mean leaving Nate and the hope someday the rugged gentleman would stop pining for his best friend and realize he loves Jasper, just as Jasper loves him.

Edmonton’s impending marriage looms before them, causing Jasper to take another look at his stubborn heart. Yet Jasper’s a bastard whore, and Nate’s the nephew of a viscount. Surely there can’t be any hope for them…


The Tournament by Matthew Reilly – Brilliant! Full of intrigue, deception and murder! A First Class storyteller!

mr tournamentFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Temple and The Great Zoo of China comes a gripping historical thriller featuring a young Queen Elizabeth I thrust into a web of treachery, power, and lust at the height of the Ottoman Empire.

The year is 1546, and Suleiman the Magnificent, the powerful and feared Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, issues an invitation to every king in Europe: You are invited to send your finest player to compete in a chess tournament to determine the champion of the known world.

Thousands converge on Constantinople, including the English court’s champion and his guide, the esteemed scholar Roger Ascham. Seeing a chance to enlighten the mind of a student, Ascham brings along Elizabeth Tudor, a brilliant young woman not yet thrust into royal duties.

Yet on the opening night of the tournament a powerful guest of the Sultan is murdered. Soon, barbaric deaths, diplomatic treachery, and unimaginable depravity—sexual and otherwise—unfold before Elizabeth and Ascham’s eyes. The pair soon realizes that the real chess game is being played within the court itself…and its most treacherous element is that a stranger in a strange land is only as safe as her host is gracious.

Having never read any of Matthew’s previous books except his novella – Roger Ascham and the King’s Lost Girl.

I was pleased to know he had brought Roger Ascham back, and included his young pupil Bess (Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen of England).  It reminded me of the much loved Cadfael books by Ellis Peters, with Sherlock Holmes logic and perception frown into the mix (but having read about Roger Ascham, he preceded Holmes by a couple of centuries and was real!).

I wasn’t disappointed!  Matthew is a First rate storyteller, and I can’t wait for the next instalment!

5*****stars from me!

Footsteps in the Dark – Georgette Heyer – Classic!

gh footstepsFootsteps in the Dark, by Georgette Heyer

The ramshackle old house, with its rambling charm is beloved of Peter, Margaret and Celia, who have inherited it from their uncle. But local wisdom says The Priory is haunted. Then a murder is committed. Does the key to the crime lie in the realm of the supernatural? Or is the explanation much more down to earth?

A beautifully crafted classic mystery from Georgette Heyer’s penmanship.

A must for any readers of the ‘Golden Age of Crime’ following.

5*****stars from me!

Judgement Day (Sarah Jane Adventures Audio Exclusives #10)

sja judgementJudgement Day (Sarah Jane Adventures Audio Exclusives #10)

Sarah Jane finds herself on trial for her life, in this exclusive audio story read by Anjli Mohindra.

‘The lie betrays life. The truth defies death.’

The Veritas are an ancient force for justice. For centuries they have pursued criminals across the universe, showing them no mercy. Now they have come to Earth, and found the worst law-breaker of all… Sarah Jane Smith.

Why are creatures made of living flame rampaging through a shopping mall? Who is the mysterious magician Clyde and Sky must overcome? And why does the entire crisis seem to revolve around Rani’s mother Gita?

Sarah Jane’s past has finally caught up with her. It’s judgement day…

I liked this storyline.  Mind you I have enjoyed most of the other Sarah Jane Adventures.


From The Queen – Carolyn Hart Pure Delight!

fromthequeenThe next story in the Bibliomysteries series, penned by MWA Grand Master Carolyn Hart

Everyone dreams of stumbling upon a long-lost treasure in the attic or inheriting a fortune from some distant relative. But for Ellen Gallagher, the impoverished owner of a thrift shop in South Carolina, that dream comes true. She finds in her possession a first edition of Agatha Christie’s Poirot Investigates that has been signed by the author . . . and inscribed to the Queen of England. When the book disappears from her shop, Ellen must call on her friend Annie Darling, owner of the mystery bookstore Death on Demand, to track it down.

Pure delight to read this ARC novella, from Carolyn Hart’s ‘Death On Demand’ series.

Clever plotting and smooth as silk story telling at it’s best!

5***** all the way!

Killer Jam – A Great start to a New mystery series from Karen MacInerney

killerjamThe First Dewberry Farm Mystery – Killer Jam  by Karen MacInerney.  ARC

When Houston reporter Lucy Resnick cashes in her retirement to buy her grandmother’s farm in Buttercup, Texas, she’s looking forward to a simple life as a homesteader. But Lucy has barely finished putting up her first batch of Killer Dewberry Jam when an oil exploration truck rolls up to the farm and announces plans to replace her broccoli patch with an oil derrick. Two days later, Nettie Kocurek, the woman who ordered the drilling, turns up dead at the Founders’ Day Festival with a bratwurst skewer through her heart and one of Lucy’s jam jars beside her…and the sheriff fingers Lucy as the prime suspect.

Horrified, Lucy begins to talk to Nettie’s neighbors, but the more she gets to know the townspeople, the more she realizes she’s not the only one who had a beef with Nettie. Can she clear her name, or will her dream life turn into a nightmare?

A Great start to a New mystery series from Karen MacInerney.

Loved the characters she has created, and the animals have personalities of their own (Blossom formally heifer #82 – the escape artist!  And Chuck, a small bald apricot poodle).

Although Buttercup is a quaint town, waters run deep and there are plenty of skeletons in peoples closets!

5***** from me.  Can’t wait for the next instalment!

Hello Book Lovers!

This is my very first post, so bare with me! 🙂

While writing this I eating supper and listening to an ARC copy on Kindle of  Karen MacInerney’s New Mystery Series.

A Dewberry Farm Mystery – Killer Jam.  Published by Thomas & Mercer.

Pub Date Jul 28, 2015, in paperback, kindle, audio download and MP3 CD.

Review to follow shortly.killerjam

Who says that men can’t multitask! 😀