pw danger point

Miss Silver is returning from holiday when a distraught young woman enters her carriage. Beautiful society heiress Lisle Jerningham confides that she believes her husband Dale is trying to kill her. An overheard conversation and a near-tragic accident have convinced her that her life is in danger. Lisle returns to Tanfield Court, unsettled by her suspicions and then by another accident. But it’s when a young woman from the local village is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, that she really begins to fear for her life. It’s a good thing that Miss Silver is on hand…

I love this series.  These are my comfort reads/listens.

These are well styled and written mystery/romance books, with the lead character of Miss Maud Silver (ex governess turned Private Enquiry Agent), who fits in to any household or village quite easily with her knitting bag over her arm and a soothing, listening presence.  Always backed up by one of her ex pupils, Randal Marsh or Frank Abbott, who are detectives in the police force.

Diana Bishops narration of the Miss Silver mysteries is to me the definitive voice of the audiobooks, just like Joan Hickson is for me the definitive Miss Jane Marple.

5 Stars*****

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