fc golden box

Going back in time…way back in time to the 1940’s, for the second book in the Pat Abbott mysteries.

Jean Holly is called back to Elm Hill, Illinois because her Aunt Sue is ill.  Back in the familiar surroundings of her childhood home town and staying with her cousin Peggy and her husband Bill McCrea, who live next door to the famous Fabian House, home to the richest woman in Elm Hill, Mrs Claribel Fabian Lake, who practically runs the town.

But within 24 hours, Mrs Lake dies of a heart attack.

Pat Abbott stops in on the way to DC, and that night the Fabian House maid Ida Raymond, is found hanging in the Bird Room…suicide or murder?

I’m loving rereading this series, as it has been such a long time since I first read them.  They are well written and plotted, with a good set of characters.

My copy is the bland standard Penguin green and white cover, but I just love the colourful artwork from Popular Library edition.

5 Stars*****



One thought on “The Golden Box (Pat Abbott Mystery #2) by Frances Crane.

  1. Glad to see Frances Crane getting some attention… this novel was interesting to me because it tackles race relations (although not overwhelmingly so, this is a light mystery after all) at a time when few books would. And I have that Popular Library edition on my shelves!


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