charlie chan in london

CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON is the first film in the series that was not based on one of author Earl Derr Biggers’ six CHAN novels.

Just as Chan (Warner Oland) is packing to go home after solving a case in London, a lovely young woman, Pamela Gray (Drue Leyton), begs him to solve another case: her brother Paul is on death row for a crime Pamela says, he didn’t commit.

Moreover, Paul’s defence lawyer (Raymond Milland), who happens to be Pamela’s fiancé, doesn’t even believe Paul is innocent.

With only three days to uncover the truth, CHAN spends the weekend at an English country manor with all the suspects…while they hunt a fox, he hunts for the real killer.

Starring Warner Orland as Charlie Chan, with Drue Leyton, Raymond Milland and Mona Barrie.

Includes Special Feature: The Legacy of Charlie Chan Featurette.

A trip down memory lane for me, and the fact that I have just started re-reading the first Charlie Chan book – The House Without a Key.

I first saw this movie back when I was a teenager and it is one of my favourites in the Charlie Chan movies.  As I own several box sets of the Chan movies, I will be watching and reviewing them all in time.

The featurette was a interesting look into the character of Charlie Chan.

5 Stars*****


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