blandings 1

Blandings Castle is perpetually in uproar.  Ninth Earl Clarence Emsworth (Timothy Spall) yearns to be left in peace, preferably in the company of his beloved pig, The Empress.  But he never is.  There is always somebody who wants him to put on a stiff collar and a stiff hat and do something.

His equilibrium is battered by his formidable sister Connie (Jennifer Saunders), his brainless son Freddie (Jack Farthing) and an array of family, friends, enemies, spongers and confidence tricksters.  Only his loyal and long-suffering butler Beach (Mark Williams) can provide consolation.

However, Clarence, never vanquished, has an unexpected propensity to make everything right – either through an inspired idea, or bumbling intervention…

I love all the characters in the Blanding books, and the cast for the tv series are all excellent choices for the roles.  With an array of guest stars, this series is both fun and funny.

Blandings Castle books are one of favourite my Wodehouse series.

Episodes include:


The Go-Getter.

Company For Gertrude.

The Crime Wave at Blandings.

Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend.

Problems with drink.

5 Stars*****


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