gm laurels ts ed

It’s because of Dean James comments on Golden Age Detection fb page.  About having a mini binge on Gladys Mitchell’s Mrs. Bradley mysteries.  That set me off on a re-read of one of my favourites of the series…Laurels Are Poison, for the third time.

The setting is a Ladies Teaching College, where one of the wardens of the ladies halls goes missing at the end of term dance.  The college has asked Mrs. Bradley to step into the missing wardens place in Athelstan Hall and look into the matter.

Plenty of odd things happening within the house and in the area, not least of which is murder.

Full of a colourful cast of character (some of them will turn up in later books), in a well plotted and descriptive written mystery, that will draw you into the story from the first page and hold you until the last.

If you get a chance of reading any of the series, they are well worth reading.

Miss Mitchell’s mysteries are always a Jolly Good Read!

5 Stars*****


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