Been wool gathering.  Which seem to happen a lot lately.  And playing the game…

What if?

My ‘What If’s’ is…cozy series I would love to see in audiobook format, and available Internationally.

Here is my list of series I would like to see in audio.

Cackleberry Club Mysteries – Laura Childs.

Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries – Anne Canadeo.

Southern Cousins Mysteries – Peggy Webb.

Callie Parrish Mysteries – Fran Rizer.

Body of Art Mysteries – Ritter Ames.

Mack’s Bar Mysteries – Allyson K. Abbott.

Hampton Murder Mysteries – Carrie Doyle.

The Clock Shop Mysteries – Julianne Holmes.

Zodiac Mysteries – Connie di Marco.

Twin Sister Mysteries – June Shaw.

Tangled Web Mysteries – Sadie Hartwell & Greek to Me Mysteries – under Susannah Hardy.

Cora Crafts Mysteries – Mollie Cox Bryan.

Costume Shop & Material Witness Mysteries – Diane Vallere.

Bay Island Psychic Mysteries – Lena Gregory.

Living History Museum Mysteries – Amanda Flower.

Sketch in Crime Mysteries – Deirdre Verne.

Claire Hanover Mysteries – Beth Groundwater.

Arabella Beaumont Mysteries – Pamela Christie.

Wiccan Wheel Mysteries – Jennifer David Hesse.

Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mysteries – Kirsten Weiss.

Bad Luck Cat Mysteries – Kay Finch.

Lady Montfort Mysteries – Tessa Arlen.

Liv and Di in Dixie Mysteries – Vickie Fee.

Both of Julia Buckley’s series.

Bucket List Mysteries – Elizabeth Perona.

All of Linda Wiken/Erika Chase books.

Charlotte Brody Mysteries – Cathy Pegau.

Wedding Planner Mysteries – Stephanie Blackmoore.

Popcorn Shop Mysteries – Kristi Abbott.

Farmer’s Daughter mysteries – Peg Cochran.

Elizabethan Mysteries – Amanda Carmack.

Tara Holloway Mysteries – Diane Kelly.

Haley Randolph Mysteries – Dorothy Howell.

Silver Six Mysteries – Nancy Haddock.

Postmistress Mysteries – Jean Flowers.

Chocolate Whisper Mysteries – Colette London.

All of Sue Ann Jaffarian series.

All of Laura DiSilverio series.

Taste of Texas Mysteries – Rebecca Adler.

Bookmobile Cat Mysteries – Laurie Cass.

Giulia Driscoll Mysteries (plus the 3 earlier books) – Alice Loweecey.

Bird Lover’s Mysteries – J.R. Ripley.

Carson Stables Mysteries – Leigh Hearon.

All of Nancy J. Parra, including the New Wine Country Tours series, the rest of Nancy Coco’s and the New series under the names Nell Hampton.

All of Laura Bradford & Elizabeth Lynn Casey books.

All of Casey Daniels & Kylie Logan books.

Would love to see all of Mary Daheim’s, Carolyn Hart’s and Joan Hess’s books in audio, and available Internationally.

The list is endless!

But unfortunately most of these, would be like whistling in the wind!



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