As some of my author Facebook friends are aware, and some of my newer author facebook friends may not be, is that I have struggled with (and still struggling with)dyslexia.

Being a product of the 1960s (yes, I’m that old!), dyslexia wasn’t recognised in most schools here in the UK at the time.  And most schools considered you as backward, thick and stupid and considered that you needed to be sent to a ‘special needs’ school.  Most parents didn’t know what dyslexia was, and didn’t understand or know how to deal with the problem.  In my case, my mum classed me as ‘just lazy’ when the school called in a child psychologist to test me.  And still the school did nothing in helping with the problem.

It was only when I had turn 11, and went up into senior school, that the problem was detected and some help was given.  That is when my love for reading began.  It is still a slow process and reading a whole book may take days instead of hours like a normal reader.

It is still a constant uphill battle for me, made worse now due to ill health, that my concentration level now is very limited.

One thing that I have found is a great help (for me personally), is audiobooks.

One of my main passions is ‘cozy’ mysteries, but I love any mysteries in general.  Unfortunately these for the most part, are mainly published in the US, and the audiobooks are not always available to us here in the UK or Internationally, due to publishers geographical restrictions.

What I would like to ask authors to do, when they next come to sign a new publishing contract, is for them to please, please push for audiobook and Kindle with Worldwide rights…if they can.  Yes, not all Kindle books are available Worldwide, either.  This will mean that your International readers/listeners will have better access to your books.  And in turn, hopefully getting you more International readers, and more sales.

And in turn, will help this silly old bugger get through a book in less than 4/5 days!



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