ns sticky fingers

“Sorry about the recipe.  And the marmalade.  But I’m happy to offer up myself for jam making when your in the mood for something a little tart, a bit sweet, and a lot fruity.”  – D

With Jeff’s granddad in a nursing home.  Jeff is left to travel back every few weeks from Sydney and his banking job to check on his granddads house.

On arriving he finds someone in the garden picking the oranges.  When the intruder is challenged, instead of running, he introduces himself as Danny, Jeff’s granddads neighbour.  And explains that he’s picked the oranges to make marmalade.

Can a new friend, shared passion, and marmalade, be the ingredients to set Jeff in a new direction?

I loved this short romp, and would love to see and read a follow up story to see what path Jeff decides to take.

Loved the characters in this well written novella.  With a storyline/situation that many people go through.

5 Stars*****

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