ep monks hood

Gervase Bonel has bequeathed his manor in Wales to Shrewsbury Abbey, cutting his stepson out of what was to be his and sends him packing to his sister and her coffin maker husband in Shrewsbury. 

Meanwhile,  Abbott Heribert has been called to attend the legatine council, and has been instructed that until he is confirmed as Abbott or a replacement is named, that no business can be finalised…which leaves Gervase Bonel’s bequest incomplete.

Bonel with his wife and servants, still takes up residence in the Abbey’s Forgate of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, where he is suddenly taken ill.

Luckily, the Abbey boasts the services of Brother Cadfael, a skilled herbalist. Cadfael hurries to the man’s bedside, only to be confronted by two very different surprises. 

In Master Bonel’s wife, the good monk recognises Richildis, whom he loved before he took his vows.  And Master Bonel has been fatally poisoned by a dose of deadly monk’s-hood oil from Cadfael’s herbarium.

The Sheriff is convinced that the murderer is Richildis’ son Edwin, but Cadfael is certain of her son’s innocence.  Using his knowledge of both herbs and the human heart, Cadfael deciphers a deadly recipe for murder…

Another well crafted mystery from Ellis Peters, that sweeps you into the 12th century like travelling in a time machine.

This was a audiobook, produced by Hachette Audio UK and downloaded via Audible.co.uk.

Narrated by Stephen Thorne, whose voice, breathes life into the telling of the 12th century and the Brother Cadfael mysteries.

5 Stars*****


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