T3I Terror Castle

The first book in The Three Investigators mystery series.

Originally written in 1964 (the year I was born), which I first read when I was 12 in 1976, and re-read many times since.  I just love this series.  It was so well crafted by Robert Arthur, that the series continued long after his death, with authors taking up his mantle – to a total of 43 books in the main series, with a further 11 books in the Crimebusters series until 1990.

The series has such a large international fandom, that the German fans continued to write and publish The Three Investigators books, adding to the series.

T3I business card

Finding a genuine haunted house for a movie set sounds like fun — and a great way to generate publicity for the Three Investigators’ new detective agency. But when the boys arrive for an overnight visit at Terror Castle — home of a deceased horror-movie actor — they soon find out how the place got its name!

I so wanted to be one of the Three Investigators, and be able to use one of the entrances to Headquarters…like Red Gate Rover!

5 Stars*****


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