eo one corpse

England is in turmoil over the crown, between King Stephen and Queen Maude.  King Stephen has set siege on the castle of Shrewsbury, who are loyal to Queen Maude.  After taking the castle, and the principle players against him have escaped, Stephen orders that the 94 loyal Maude supporter left to be hanged, and the brothers at the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul are ordered to bury the dead.

But when Brother Cadfael arrives and does a body count, there are 95 not 94.  It soon becomes apparent that there is one corpse too many, 94 hanged men and one murdered man.

Brother Cadfael is given 4 days in which to solve and catch a murderer, before King Stephen moves on and allows the murderer to roam free.

This is the second of the Brother Cadfael mysteries, and is full of intrigue, mystery and romance.

Ellis Peters weaves a tapestry of the 12th century, drawing you in and holding you captive.

I love historical mysteries, and Ellis Peters is one of the best writers in this field.  She has me returning back to her stories, time after time.

This was a audiobook, produced by Hachette Audio UK and downloaded via Audible.co.uk.  Narrated by Stephen Thorne, whose rich voice, brings Brother Cadfael and the 12th century to life.

5 Stars*****


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