ry jordan


After a murder at a voodoo ceremony in a charming New Orleans bistro, three street cops, Jordan O’Reilly, Liam O’Reilly, and Zachary Doucet, have a personal stake in solving the case. But if they meddle in the investigation, they may get thrown off the forceor worse.

Part 1: Jordan

Jordan O’Reilly is first to take the heat. While moonlighting with a security company, he’s assigned to protect Camille DuPree, the restaurant owner. Six years ago, he and Camille were in love, and each thinks the other broke it off. Now they’re thrown back together and must cope with their shattered relationship as well as the murder investigation and an ugly voodoo charm that shows up on Camille’s doorstep.

New Orleans Magic: Jordan…Liam…Zachary…each of these compelling stories ends with an HEA for the hero and heroine. But only the full set will finally get to the bottom of the murder mystery. Be sure to read them all!

I picked this book up from NetGalley, as the cover drew my eye, and the above synopsis piqued my interest…I’m glad that I did get it, as I wasn’t disappointed.

With a heady mix of voodoo, murder and a rekindling passion, this story is fast paced and will keep you on the edge.  With a great set of characters and storyline.

Can not wait to start the second book in the trilogy – Liam!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Season Publishing and downloaded via NetGalley.

5 Stars*****


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