Prequel for Josh and Gabe from the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries Series.

A friend and neighbour of Josh “Jazz” Roman’s is brutally murdered, just minutes after he had waved to her when taking the trash out.

Josh Roman owner of  a full service salon called The Curl Up and Dye, takes an instant dislike to Detective Gabe Wyatt.

Maybe it was Gabe’s fault, when he indicated that Josh wasn’t his type, or just maybe that Josh has a chip on his shoulder.

Either way, Gabe has got Josh under his skin.

But Josh is now in the killers sight, and the only person that he can turn to is Gabe…

Loved this prequel to the Curl Up and Dye mysteries.

With a great set of characters, in a well plotted and written story.

This series is definitely going onto my reading list!

This prequel was originally published in a collection, but is no longer available to buy.  But you can read it on Aimee’s Blog site:

5 Stars*****

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