jlm good breeding

Adopted as a baby, Giles Frobisher has grown up with every privilege. Encouraged by his best friend—and secret crush—Oz to seek out his birth mother, he’s appalled to discover she’s loud, lower-class, and insists on calling him Wayne!

Giles’ snobbier-than-thou, none-too-faithful boyfriend Hugh is equally horrified, and Oz, who’s always been secretive about his own family, starts acting very strangely.

It seems Giles is about to learn that good breeding has nothing to do with who your parents are!

Loved this short story.

Unfortunately we don’t always see what or who is right in front of our eyes…until it is too late.

It reminded me of the old saying “The clothes don’t make the man”.  I personally would prefer to be drinking coffee out of a mug, and having a laugh at the kitchen table, than to be, holding a polite, but boring conversation over tea out of the best china cups and saucers.

5 Stars*****

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