With his dying breath, Bobby Lowell begs Ellison Russell, “Tell her I love her.”

Unable to refuse, Ellison struggles to find the girl the murdered boy loved. Too bad an epically bad blind date, a vindictive graffiti artist, and multiple trips to the emergency room keep getting in the way.

Worse, a killer has Ellison in his sights, her newly rebellious daughter is missing, and there’s yet another body in her hostas.  Mother won’t be pleased.

Now Ellison must track down not one but two runaway teenagers, keep her promise to Bobby and elude the killer—all before her next charity gala committee meeting.

Julie Mulhern has carved her own way into our hearts, with her 1970’s Country Club murder mysteries.  Where flares and plaid are all the rage.  And where the Country Club set have their own rules and etiquette.  Just try not to die in the hostas!

Another Great read.  Well plotted and written, with a great set of characters.  This is one series not to be missed!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Published by Henery Press, and downloaded via NetGalley.

5 Stars*****




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