Audiobooks and gaining International readers/listeners.
From a recent chat with Nancy J. Cohen (author of the Bad Hair Day Mysteries):

Me:  I’m doing a piece on Audiobooks, very soon on fb.  As someone who has used their International Promo Codes from Audible, would it be ok if I put your name down as someone for other authors to chat to about Audible International Codes and how to
get them?
As many authors that have their audiobooks available internationally, don’t realise that they also have access to “Promo Codes” to their audiobooks in the 4 International Audible sites of the UK, FR, DE, AU, or how to get them.

Nancy:  Sure. All I did was request UK codes from Audible.

Me:  Thank you.

Nancy:  I’d like to know how to reach more listeners, so maybe include that in your piece. Other than the usual FB groups and Twitter and review sites.

Which like Nancy, many authors would like to reach more readers/listeners worldwide.

One way that I can think of, is finding readers/listeners outside of the USA.  Is by offering a free audible code for the country they live in (or the nearest Audible one), for them to read/listen, in exchange for an honest review.  And hopefully they will blog and rave about your book/s on their local networks, that in turn will gradually spread the word and generate interest in your books in the right areas.

You can also do this as well with physical books once they are published, by sending copies to be reviewed via The Book Depository…they deliver books/audio CDs/MP3s Worldwide for FREE.

Unfortunately Kindle books can only be “Gifted” within the USA on  International Amazon and Kobo sites DO NOT support “Gifting”, so unless you have another way of sending an ebook Internationally, this is not an option.

But back to the audiobook part.

Here is the important part. 

If you give an Audible USA code to an International reader/listener, they have to access to get the audiobook, and their review will ONLY show up as registered as an Audible USA review/reviewer.

This WILL NOT generate sales on the International sites that your audiobook/s appear on, and that is what you are wanting to attract, New International readers/listeners.

All that will shows up on, say or AU/FR/DE is “There are no listener reviews for this title yet”…nope, no “local” reviews.
And people will just pass it by, as no one has listened to it, so it can’t be worth listening to.  Nope, nada, nil, zilch interest generated.  NO INTEREST, NO SALES = NO READER RETURNING TO LISTEN TO MORE OF YOUR BOOKS.

As the review HAS to be made on the site the code is allocated for.  So get your codes for International Audible sites.

Example: I have had 2 audiobooks from Nancy J. Cohen, free in exchange for a honest review.

The first was, Permed to Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery Book #1) UK code, showing my UK review on

The second was, Hair Raiser (Bad Hair Day Mystery Book #2) on a USA code, showing no local listeners on, “There are no listener reviews for this title yet”.  No listener reviews, will generate very little interest.  I have listened and reviewed it, but it had to be on

You should get audiobook codes for the UK and any of the other Audible International sites that your book/s are available on, in the same way you get the USA codes, from

International sites are:

United Kingdom (
Australia (
Germany (
France (

Please check how you are doing on reviews on the above sites by visiting and clicking on your book, scroll down and look at the “Local” reviews (if you have any)…believe me, on, it’s not pretty sight! 😦

Audiobook listeners:  Please, please do leave reviews after listening, even if it is “I liked this book” or “This book wasn’t for me”…they do make a difference.

NB:  Unfortunately not all authors have audiobooks or Kindle books available outside the USA.

This is due to some publishers (mainly the Big 5), who are still living in the 20th century and haven’t come fully into the computerised age of the 21st century yet.  Where 90% of the sales are recorded and royalties paid. 

With them still retaining the antiquated and out of mode “Territorial Rights” contract, that puts a “Strangle Hold” on their authors from reaching a wider International audience, in both Kindle and Audio formats.


Make sure that all your Kindle books are Internationally available, NOT “Territorial”…as you are loosing SALES!

Retain your Audio Rights, and make sure that they are also Internationally available (not restricted to the USA only “Territorial”).  And have a “Use it, or Loose it” clause put in, so that if they do not produce the audiobook within 18 months to 2 years, the audio option returns to you.

If you think I’m talking out of my rear end, with not being an author “what does he know about contracts”.  Here is a blog piece from author and friend, KJ Charles, who has worked both sides of the publishing counter, for over 2 decades, as an editor and now as a writer.


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