WARNING…one thing you should never do, is allow a bibliophile to do book research!

I have just added another 20+ books to my Amazon Wish List.  It’s a good job the money cupboard is bare at the moment, or I would be begging on the street for food!

And yes, we do, do research.  I might not be a writer/author, but I have been doing book and author research since I was 14.


Because I like to know, what books are about on the market, even if they are not available, or I can’t get my hands on them!  And I suppose that I like to know more about the authors I read, and what else they have to offer that I might like.  As many authors don’t use just one publisher or write under one name.  *waves at Jeff Cohen, Dean James, Casey Daniels and many, many others.*

So I have been wandering around the hallowed website pages of HarperCollin (more about them in a later blog), and breathing in the scent of books.  A lot of wonderful books.  And viewing many pretty book covers, that I am fortunately to have sitting on my book shelves.

Why HarperCollins?  Well they are going to be up next on my ” available in audio downloads Internationally” blog post.

Like Penguin Random House, they still have a long way to go in sorting out their way of doing author contracts to match this new digital age…ie Territorial Rights, International Copyright and giving access to audiobooks Internationally (even the old audiobooks on their catalogue), which would in turn increase revenue for both themselves and their authors.

Just because I have the physical books on my book cases or Kindle/e-books, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be the first in line for the audio edition as well!

That’s what a bibliophiles does.  We collect books.  In all formats.

That’s a bibliophiles life.


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