And now what is available in audio download from Midnight Ink Books.

Great books, but very few seem to make it into audio format.

I understand that the Audio Rights tend to stay in the authors hand, and it is their decision and responsibility on whether they want to foot the cost of an audio recording.

Thankfully some have.  And all are available Worldwide.


Here is what is available Internationally.


Lizbeth Lipperman – The Garcis Girls Mystery Series – Books 1 to 4

Sheila Webster Boneham – Animals in Focus Mystery Series – Books 1 to 3.

Loretta Ross – Auction Block Mystery Series – Books 1 & 2.

Karen MacInerney – Murder on the Rocks: Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, Book 1.  (I think Karen is looking into doing more of the Gray Whale Inn audios…keep your eye and ears open for more information).

Jess Lourey – October Fest: Murder-By-Month Mysteries, Book 6.

Gigi Pandian – Accidental Alchemist Mysteries – Books 1, 2 & 3.

Maddy Hunter – Passport to Peril Mystery Series – Book s 1 to 9.

Tracy Weber – Murder Strikes a Pose: A Downward Dog Mystery book #1.  (I know Tracy has just had this first book done, and is in the process of having the other in the series recorded).

E. J. Copperman, Jeff Cohen – Asperger’s Mysteries – Books 1, 2 & 3.  (Jeff normally likes to time the audio book to release at the same time, or as near as.  Book #4 The Question of the Absentee Father, is due out in October 2017)

Linda Joffe Hull – Mrs. Frugalicious Shopping Mystery Series – Book 1 to 3.


On a different note:

Do go and have a wander through Midnight Inks web site.  I have found some New to Me authors that I intend to try out.  Some have audio downloads, some don’t.  But either way, well worth checking them out!

You can find them here at:










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