kk perilous promise

This is a novella prequel to the start of Kate Kingsbury’s Pennyfoot Hotel series, the first book in the series is called Room With a Clue.  There are 21 books in this light historical mystery series…and you never know Kate might add more! lol

On the death of her husband Major James Sinclair, Cecily takes on her husbands passion, and promises to keep the The Pennyfoot Hotel, situated in a small coastal village of Badgers End in the family.

Her husbands hotel manager Hugh Baxter, thoroughly disapproves of a woman supervising a busy hotel.

On the day of arrival to her New home, she is met with a problem of an intruder in the hotel.  Things go missing and items moved or disorganised.

Someone is about to regret their promise to a dying man…


This was a fun enjoyable light read, that introduces you to the cast of characters that appear in the later books.  Well written and plotted, with a good set of characters in this historical mystery.

4 Stars****


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