An update on the original post.

As most readers of my blog and fb page are aware, I’m an big advocate of the audio book.  Being an avid reader of what the Americans call the ‘Cozy’ (murder/mystery) genre, I thought it would be good to share with other audio listeners a list of ‘Cozy’ authors and their books that are available to download from

Audible members, if there are any authors or books that are in audio, but are not available to you/us outside of the USA.  Do get in touch with Audible and ask if they could possibly acquire it/them.  They are always looking for New stock, and it is always worth asking.

Another avenue to pursue is getting in contact with the publisher.  I recently did this with Kensington Books, and the outcome was that we now have many of their audio books available to us.

If you use Audible, no matter whether here in the UK or any Worldwide location, please do leave a review after listening.  Thanks.

I apologise in advance, if I miss anyone out.

I will put K/A at the end of all those audio books that are available cheaper when you purchase a Kindle edition.

To the Authors:  If you are listed below, please be aware that you have access to these International Audible free codes – you should get these on top of your free codes.   Ask your agent or publisher about them…they are yours to use.

These are ideal to be given to your International readers to listen and review…the more exposure that you get Internationally, the more readers you attract.  Also ideal as competition gifts for your International readers.


You Do Not have to have a members plan to use Audible.

If you have never tried audio books before, Audible do give you a FREE audio book to try in the first month.  You can cancel that trial at any time within the 30 days trial period, and you get to keep the audio book!

You also keep the registered account that can be used to purchase audio books, as and when you choose.  The only thing that you will not receive is the ‘Members Benefits’.

The benefits for me is that I get 2 audio credits a month for £14.99, that works out at £7.50 per audio book, and as most of the cozy mysteries are in the excess of £10.00 and above, that means I get a audio book cheaper than the hardback, paperback or kindle edition a lot of the time.

The other benefits include offers like, ‘Buy One Get One Free’, ‘3 for the price of 2’, ‘Buy 3 in a set time and get £10.00 credit’ (which is handy if you have brought a kindle edition and the audio book is offered at a reduced price).

The offers at times, are handy, but I only use mine as and when they have something that appeals to me.  So it isn’t a biggie if you would rather not go the ‘Members’ route.

As I have mention Kensington Books above.  I will start with them, and include Lyrical Underground which is part of the Kensington group.

I apologise in advance, if I miss anyone out.

I will put K/A at the end of the author listing, which means that those audio books are available at a reduced price when you purchase the Kindle edition.

Kaitlyn Dunnett  – Kilt at the Highland Games – Book #10 in the Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery series.  (On my Wish List.  Would love to see more of this series in audio).

Kate Dyer-Seeley – Scene of the Climb – Book 1 in the A Pacific Northwest Mystery series – K/A  (On my Wish List.  Hope more of this series will become available Internationally on audio)

Catherine Lloyd – the first 2 books in the Kurland St. Mary Mystery series – K/A  (Have read the books, but haven’t listen to any of this series yet.  Both on my Wish List.  Wish that more of the series will appear in audio and available Internationally)

Laurien Berenson – All 18 Melanie Travis Mysteries are available.  Books 1, plus 13 to 18 are K/A  (Not tried, yet).

Mollie Cox Bryan – Books 1 to 4 0f the Cumberland Creek Mystery series are available.  – only books 3 and 4 are K/A  (Got book #1 on my TBLT pile.  The others are on my Wish List.  Was hoping her New Series would be in audio as well…I can only wish and hope).

Sally Goldenbaum – All 11 of the Seaside Knitters Mystery series are available.  (I have listened to book #1…loved it.  The others are still sitting on my Wish List)

Nancy Coco – The first 3 books are available. K/A  (I have book 1 on my TBLT pile…the others are on my Wish List)

Isis Crawford – A Catered Mother’s Day – Book 11 in the Mystery with Recipes series.  (I have this audio, sitting in my TBLT pile.  Book #12 is available in audio, but not Internationally).

Mary Marks – Books 1 & 2 of the Quilting Mysteries series.  K/A  (I have book #2 on audio.  Book #1 is on my Wish List…I have read the first 3 books and also listened to book 2.  I love this series.  Would love to see more of them come out in audio)

Alyssa Maxwell – First 4 books in the Gilded Age Mystery series. (I have all 4, but only listened to Murder at Breakers…the others are in the TBLT pile.  A great historical series, and one I enjoy listening to. – Murder Most Malicious: A Lady and Lady’s Maid Mystery, Book 1 is in audio, but not available Internationally).

Laura Levine – All 14 books are available in Jaine Austen Mystery series.  Some are K/A and some are not.  (I have the audios for books 13 & 14…listened to book #14.  These are a great and funny series to listen to.  The rest are in my Wish List)

Lee Hollis – Books 1 to 7 are available in the Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery Series.  K/A  (All in my wish list.  Itching to try! lol)

Rose Pressey – Book 1, 2 & 4 in the Haunted Vintage Mystery series – Books 1 & 2 in the Maggie, P.I. Mystery series – Books 1 & 2 in the Trash to Treasure Crafting Mystery series – Books 1 & 2 of the Haunted Renovation Mystery series – K/A  (I have all 3 that are available in the Haunted Vintage series, wish that book 3, that is audio, will also become available to us Internationally.  This is a fun and enjoyable series, have listened to books 1 &2.  Have yet to try any of the others series, yet).

Barbara Allan – Antiques Fate – Book 11 in the Trash ‘n’ Treasures Mystery Series.  (I have this on audio, very funny mother and daughter duo.  I have read a few more of these books.  Wish there were more available in audio Internationally).

G.A. McKevett – All 21 of the Savannah Reid Mystery Series are available.  Some are K/A  (I love this fun series.  I have books 1, 2 & 20 in my Audible library, listened to #20.  The others are sitting waiting in my Wish List).

Joanne Fluke – Books 9.5, 13.5, and books 16 to 21 of the Hannah Swensen Mystery series are available.  Some are K/A – All the missing numbered books are in audio, but are not available Internationally.

Annelise Ryan – Books 1 to 6 and 8, are available in the Mattie Winston Mystery Series.  All are K/A  Book #7 is in audio, but not available Internationally.  (I have this series in my Wish List).

Hy Conrad – Toured to Death – Book 1 of the Amy’s Travel Mystery Series.  (I have this in my audio library, TBLT.  Have read book #2, and this is a great series.  Wish that more of this series was available on audio).

Barbara Ross – Books 1 to 4 are available of the Maine Clambake Mystery series.  (I have read a couple of the books, but the audios are still in my Wish List).

Waverly Curtis – Books 1 to 4, plus 3.5 of the Barking Detective Mystery Series are available.  Book #5 is in audio, but not available Internationally.  All are K/A except book #2.  (I have book #1 on kindle in my TBR pile…but the audios are still waiting for me on my Wish List).

June Shaw – Cealie Gunther Mystery Series Books 1 & 2 (have not tried these yet).


Series that are in audio, but NOT available Internationally are:

Leslie Meier – Lucy Stone Mystery series – Books #10, 14, & 18 to 23.

Cheryl Crane – Nikki Harper Mystery series – Books 1 to 3.

Carol J. Perry – Witch City Mystery series – Books 1 to 4 (I love this series, and have been lucky to have had ARC’s to this series via NetGalley, but would love to be able to listen to them).

Lea Wait – Mainely Needlepoint Mystery Series Books 1 & 2 (this is a great series and I have been lucky in following it from the beginning, via NetGalley ARC’s, but would love to be able to listen to them) – Shadows on the Ivy: An Antique Print Mystery.

Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell) – Country Store Mystery series, books 1 to 3.  (I luckily have had ARC’s to this series, via NetGalley)

Lynn Cahoon – Tourist Trap Mystery series, books 1 to 7 – Cat Latimer Mysteries, books 1 and 2.  (I would love to be able to listen to both of these series.  I have been lucky in having a number of Lynn’s books on ARC, via NetGalley).

Anna Lee Huber – Lady Darby Mystery series, books 1 to 5.

Janet Finsilver – Kelly Jackson Mystery Series, Book 1 (this is a very good series.  I have been lucky to have had ARC’s for a 4 books in the series, via NetGalley.  Would love to be able to listen to the narrated stories as well)

I have been very fortunate in the fact that I have had ARC’s from Kensington Books (including Lyrical Underground), and have had the chance to sample New series from the beginning, plus some series that I had already been following.  Many of which I have since brought and either sit on my book shelves, on my Kindle or in audio format via

Being dyslexic, physical reading is a challenge at the best of times, so being read to is for me bliss.  With the words flowing through my ears, I escape into the world the author has created, for just a few hours the real world and it’s problems disappear.

Although I read a lot of Cozy mysteries, I do read other genres as well…I like to swap and change the pace.

In my ideal world, and certainly in this day and age of computer and internet.  Books would be in all formats and available Worldwide…I can dream, can’t I?


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