As I waffled on a bit in Part 1, I need to get straight to the point in this second part.

I had been talking (Lorraine Bartlett aka Lorna Barrett) about finding a way for authors to break into the International Market with their books.

As I have had a few weeks to mull over this problem, while moving my mum from a 2 bed bungalow (single lever ranch style house), to a 1 bed ground floor flat (apartment)…I do so hate the moving process and it’s aftermath.

The UK book market has opened up a bit on the ‘cozy’ mysteries.

Constable & Robinson (which has just recently been taken over by Little, Brown Book Group), have been publishing Historical cozies for a few years now, with authors like Carola Dunn, Emily Brightwell, Kerry Greenwood and recently started publishing Robin Paige (aka Susan Wittig Albert), and many others.

Little, Brown BG, DO publish the more modern cozy mysteries as well, with authors like M. C. Beaton (both the Hamish MacBeth and Agatha Raisin books), and Hannah Dennison.

Severn House is another option.  They have been publishing Clea Simon books for some time, and the last 2 books in Tamar Myers, Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series, both Cathy Ace series, and the latest in Casey Daniel’s Pepper Martin mysteries – Graveyard Shift.

It is always worth a try (if you haven’t already), and you have nothing to lose…and everything to gain.  Like getting your books visually seen in book shops and libraries Nationwide.

And although we do seem like ‘stuffed shirts’ *grins* at times over here in the UK.  I do believe that our publishing companies do share with their counter parts within the Common Market (ie, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc…).

Other than that, all that I can think of is finding readers in different countries that will promote the hell out of your books for you.

Physical ARC’s are not an option, as the shipping prices are huge.

But e-book downloads can be done, through places like NetGalley or sending them a copy direct to the reader via email. *Can it be done?  Don’t ask me, I’m technically challenged!*

Audio books as well can be done that way too.  And with audio books on a steady rise, with more and more people listening to books, it is worth finding out if your audio book/s are ‘Territorial’ (only available within the 50 States) or International.

If you have audio books available Internationally, you should also have access to your free codes like you get from, but for and other Audible worldwide locations.  They are yours…so go get them, as you need to get UK and International listeners to review on their Audible location site, NOT the US site.

A side note here…

If you are unsure whether your audio books are available Internationally, go to and put the name you are looking for in the ‘search’ box (word to the wise, if you have a account, sign out first before looking at the UK site, as it will only take you back to, not….I know, as I have to make sure that I have logged of my UK account before I can see what I can’t get hold of on the US listings!).  Also check the reviews at the bottom of each title for Audible UK, not reviews…I’m listening as quick as I can, but I’m just one person and they haven’t invented a time machine yet!   Where is the Doctor and the TARDIS when you need them! *grin*

Authors…a note on audio books and for that matter kindle/e-book editions (as they are not all available Internationally, either).  When negotiating a new book contract, go for audio rights, and push for “International Rights” or as Leslie Budewitz just reminded me today of another term, “World English”.   This should ensure that your audio books and Kindle/e-books are available Worldwide.

Another option is finding few of your International followers and sending them a copy of the book when it comes out via The Book Depository, as they do FREE shipping Worldwide, to read, review and pass around.

Unfortunately you can not ‘Gift’ a kindle edition, as Amazon UK does not support it (as one author and I have found out…and we were both disappointed.  I have since brought both of her Kindle books), I don’t know whether it’s the same in other Amazon countries.

And that is the best that I can come up with at the moment.

I have been thinking about opening a FB page for Murder, Mystery & More…International, to promote awareness of authors and their books.  But I’m clueless on how to go about it.

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