It’s been a good month for me purchase wise.  I had some credit left over from Amazon Gift Cards, and the price has just been right or reduced on most of the above books.

I just love bargains…don’t you?

So what did I get this month?

In Paperbacks and Hardbacks…

The Madness of Mercury – by Connie di Marco – 1st book in the Zodiac Mystery series.

Death of A Robber Baron – by Charles O’Brien – Book 1 in the Gilded Age Mystery series.

The Hen of the Baskervilles & The Good, the Bed, and the Emus – by Donna Andrews – Books 15 & 17 in the Meg Langslow mystery series

The Skeleton Haunts a House – by Leigh Perry (AKA Toni L.P. Kelner) – 3rd book in the Family Skeleton Mystery series.  I’m so pleased that Toni/Leigh is going to continue this series…I love Sid and the gang.

A Dollhouse to Die For & Lie of the Needle – by Cate Price – Books 2 & 3 of the Deadly Notions Mystery series.  Have all 3 books now, but as of yet, not started them.

Deadly Notions – by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (AKA Laura Bradford) – Book 4 of the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery series.  Still not started this series yet, even though I have had the first couple for some time since they came out.  So no Laura, I’m not reading them out of order…I’m filling in the gaps! 😀

Thyme of Death – by Susan Wittig Albert – Book 1 of the China Bayles Mystery Series – gifted my original set to a friend a few years ago.  And now I want to re-read the series…so buying again.  Oh well *sighs* 😀

The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star – By Susan Wittig Albert – Book 4 in the Darling Dahlias Mystery Series.  Got the first 4 books…but still sitting on the TBR pile.

Doubled Booked for Death – Ali Brandon – Book 1 in the Black Cat Bookshop Mystery series.  Finally getting to try this series out…after being pushed into it by the Cozy Once A Month Reading Group on FB. 😉

Suddenly in her Sorbet & Dying Well – By Joyce Christmas – Books 1 & 10 in the Lady Margaret Priam Mystery Series.  Had this series tucked away in one or the boxes upstairs, but be blowed if I could find the first and last book in the series…and I can’t have that!  And I had only read the first one, many, many moons ago! lol

In Kindle…

Clara Benson’s 3-in-1 set…it was free! lol

Murder at the Courthouse – by A. H. Gabhart – Book 1 in the Hidden Springs Mystery series.

Tastes Like Murder – By Catherine Burns.

Murder on the East Coast – By Dianne Harmon – it was free.

Agnes Grey – By Anne Bronte – it was free and came with free audio narration.

Audio Books…

I like to keep a small stock of credits on hand…as you never know when Audible.co.uk will have an offer going!  But this last time, I did purchase 3 extra credits for £17.00, which is always a bargain!  And they were also doing, buy 3 audio books within a set time period, and get a £10.00 credit.  Which is always nice, as I normally have a number of books I have brought in Kindle format, that have audio narration to them.

And I do love my audio books! 🙂

And what did I get?

Lady of Ashes – By Christine Trent – Book 1 of the Lady of Ashes Mystery Series.  Been eyeing this one up for soooo long, that I just had to have it!

Murder in G Major – By Alexia Gordon – The first book in the Gethsemane Brown Mystery series.  This looked so good, that I had to have it to try…will let you know what I think when listened to. 🙂

Owls Well That Ends Well – By Donna Andrews – Book 6 in the Meg Langslow mystery series.  I have never tried any of the Meg Langslow series, but the recommendations of the series from other readers, has pushed me into giving them a go.

She Stopped Death – By Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli – Book 2 in the Little Library Mystery Series.

An Unseen Attraction – By KJ Charles – Sins of the Cities, book 1.  A New M/M trilogy from the supreme KJ Charles.

Now I just need to find the time to read and listen to them!


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