Break over!

If clearing and moving your mum from a 2 bed bungalow, to a one bed ground floor flat (apartment to you over the Pond) can be called a break!  Also clearing books from 2 friends houses who have recently passed away. 😦

My sister and eldest nephew helped with the main move of furniture and belongings, and getting her settled in, so mum didn’t have a lot to do…she 76, and this is her first (and hopefully last) move now she is on her own.  She and my dad had been married for 56 years, but together for 61 years.  It’s a hard readjustment for her, and also the rest of the family…even 10 months on.  😦

As for me.  I had all the rest to clear up!  A garage full of car bits and pieces…lots and lots of pieces!  And tons of wood.  I have now got a wood pile that should keep me going through next winter!  Also the sheds and garden.  And that has been slow going, as I’m not in the best of health myself.  I have been very lucky, in having the help from my friend Julie over the past weekend.

Been living on pain killers for most of the time.  Did have a day when I felt really crappy, then found out that I had missed taking my meds the day before…NOT a good idea, not when you are on heart pills!  My memory and concentration are shot to pieces…oh the joys of becoming an old fart!

Thanks to my youngest nephew, the last 3 items of, a car engine and 2 car doors, have now been picked up and are gone to scrap heaven!

Now all that is left to do, is sort everything out that has ended up at and in my house!!!

This is the now-ish pictures (I have cleared a bit since these were taken, and more stuff has taken there place!).  Will post new pictures, when I have my living room and dining room back in order!  And don’t ask about the garden!!!

I do so hope that my front bedroom floor will hold out under the weight!  You need a map to find your way through!  It does not look like I will be getting anywhere near my sewing machine for quite a while, so that’s quilting up the spout.  *sighs*

Luckily, I sleep in the smaller back bedroom!

At least I can listen to books whilst working, instead of trying to hear over the noises of a hoover (vacuum cleaner), saw, babble, or someone always asking me something or rabbiting on about nothing! 😀

I have actually cooked and eaten a proper meal today (the first in I think about 10 days, unless TV dinners count?)…if you call baked chicken and mushrooms in butter, and chips (fries), a proper meal. 😀

And I have just turned off the heat on a big pan of Bolognese (UK version with minced beef), ready for eating tomorrow.  I always think it tastes better when it has been left to sit for a day and then reheated.  And before you ask…I am not going to eat it all at once!  The rest will be boxed/bagged up and froze. 😀

I’m so behind on my reading, that it will be good to get back into the swing.  I have so, so many books half started…but nothing completed.

Just been the fridge to get milk for my coffee, and all I can smell is a half jug of decanted red wine for cooking, half of it went into the Bolognese and the other half will go into the stew I will be making on Friday.  As for drinking it…Nah, I don’t think so!  Give me a descent bottle of med dry white or Rose…or better still Gin and Tonic, with ice and a slice! 😀

Off to bed soon, as I need to get this body onto the heat pad (electric blanket), to ease the tension in my back, neck, hip, legs, that hurt in places that I never knew I had muscles in!

Will hopefully be posting some review very soon.

Good night for now.



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