Having to take a short break.

Getting some nasty pills out of my system.

Plus moving my mum from a two bedroomed bungalow (for US readers…Ranch style, single level), to a ground floor flat (apartment).

Also house clearing at 2 late friends houses.  So my living room at my house at the moment, looks like an Aladdin’s cave, with soft furnishings, patio chairs, boxes of brick-n-brac, clothes, tools, etc…

Oh, and I can’t forget the several thousand odd books!

And we haven’t even yet scratched the surface on my 2 friends houses.

But at least I haven’t got anymore to come from mum’s! *sighs*

Mum’s moving in day is tomorrow (Thursday).  With my sister and eldest nephew helping with the larger items.  Then on Friday, my sister will be back to help organise my mum…give me strength!

I might get time on Saturday or Sunday to write something…but I think I will probably be sleeping the whole weekend!

Monday and Tuesday, I might be able to breathe…but don’t bank on it! lol

Wednesday, is funeral number 3 in the 6 weeks of this New Year!

Thursday, I have a clinic to attend.  Hopefully with some good results at the end…I could do with them!

Right, I had better get up and moving.  Got to go back to mum’s new flat, clean and move some draws, before my sister comes over tomorrow and does her NUT!   Siblings, you’ve got to love them! *sic* 😀


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