When a film crew wakes up a sleepy Georgia town, murder is in fashion…

Sugar Creek is all abuzz. A film is being shot on a historic plantation, and vintage clothing store owner Cookie Chanel is thrilled to provide authentic period outfits for its stars. When Cookie discovers the temperamental leading lady drowned in a pond, wearing a lovely vintage dress, she’s suddenly on location for a real-life crime scene. And when a ghost says the dress belongs to her, the number of clues Cookie has to investigate rivals the size of her shoe collection. With the supernatural support of her psychic cat, Cookie must find a killer in the cast of suspects, and avoid starring in her own final scene…

Don’t miss Cookie Chanel’s Fashion Tips

What with supplying a movie set with vintage clothes from her store, an additional ghost and 2 guys interested in her, plus a murder to solve.

Cookie’s in demand, and doesn’t know which way to turn!

These are fun packed mysteries, with a great set of characters that you will grow to love.  Well plotted and written.  They are an enjoyable read or listen.

Listening Length: 6 hours and 14 minutes and well narrated by Tara Ochs.

Available in paperback, kindle/e-book and audio download.

5 Stars*****


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