I have been a ‘Cozy’ mystery reader for the past 40 years.

Which is quite surprising, as I live in the United Kingdom, and all the publishing companies in the UK, stopped publishing these soft core mystery books back in the late 70’s, as they quoted that ‘they do not sell’.

It is bad when you go into a top named high street bookshop/newsagents and ask the book seller if they have any Agatha Christie books.  And get a totally blank look, and the question…‘who is she?’

So I would have to go to London’s Muder One on Charing Cross Road, to get my fix of American publications in the ‘Cozy’ mystery genre.  Or when on holiday in the USA, my suitcase would have more books in it on the return journey, than clothes!

What is a ‘Cozy’ mystery? 

They are set on the same lines as the classic ‘Golden Age’ mystery books, written by authors such as, Dame Agatha Christie, Patricia Wentworth, Margery Allingham, Dorothy L. Sayers, Dame Ngaio Marsh, John Dickson Carr/Carter Dickson, Elizabeth Daly, Leslie Ford/David Frome, Frances Crane, Frances & Richard Lockridge, etc…the list is endless.

All these mystery books contain no graphic violence, blood, guts, sex or fowl language), hence the name ‘Cozy’ or ‘Cozies’.

In todays ‘Cozy’ world, there are still Grande Dames of mysteries, like Carolyn Hart, Joan Hess, Mary Daheim, Laura Childs, Joanne Fluke, Kate Carlise…and this list is endless as well!

And it’s not just ladies that write these great books in this genre, but men do as well.  Like Dean James (Miranda James), E. J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen, to name a couple.

As you can tell, I have a passion for these books and the authors who write them.  In the book world, I would be called and classed as a bibliophile, as I eat, live and breathe books…not bad for someone who struggles with dyslexia!

Ahhhh, stop your waffling, Ian.  And get to the point of this blog!

Ok, ok…stop nagging!

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Lorraine Bartlett (aka Lorna Barrett). With her saying that it is so hard to break into the International Book Market.

Which isn’t surprising, as you generally get a blank look from people over here in the UK, when you start talking about cozies or murder/mystery books.

Cozies/murder/mysteries are not seen much in book shops here in the UK (a few big book shops, might stock a few.  But the majority do not).

The major movers and shakers in Publishing, tend to only spend money on publicity on ‘Top’ named authors, and ‘Best Sellers’.

All other authors, have to fend for themselves, and do there own publicity on their books.

So as you can see…Out of sight, out of mind.

I see you are still waffling!  And time is moving on. You have to get ready and go see your mum!

You will have to come back and continues this blog later.  Thankfully my suggestion to you about numbering it as Part 1, was a good one.  I knew you would waffle on so!

Oops…ok.  *looking sheepish*

To be continued…hopefully with less waffling. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cozy Mysteries – and breaking into the International Market – Part 1

  1. We often take trips to various locations because of books that my husband and I love. My husband is into Hemingway. We have gone to many settings that Hemingway wrote about, Stresa, Pamploma, Paris, Key West, etc.

    I was a big fan of M.C. Beaton during her earlier Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth mysteries. We’ve been to England a number of times, but one of those were to the Cotswolds. I remember eating in a pub, asking about M.C. Beaton and her books. They had no idea what I was talking about. Later I realized I should have asked about Marion Chesney, but I bet they still wouldn’t have known from reading your post. We’ve also gone to Cornwall because of Rosamunde Pilchers novels and many other places.

    Best wishes,
    A cozy fan and author.

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