Ok, I’m in my cheeky chappie mode at the moment, so here it goes! 😀

Dear Authors,

If you have audio books out via Audible.co.uk, and would like to,

a) increase awareness of your books in the UK,
b) increase reviews on your audio books,
c) both.

and have spare UK (prefered) or USA codes, I would be more than willing to listen and review for you.

Please PM me first on fb, as I might already have a copy of your audio book on my audible account…sitting in the To Be Listened To pile.

I do review audio books for a couple of authors and I love listening to audios, even if I have already read the book.

USA codes will only work if your audio book is available on the UK Audible site, but I have to access Audible com so I can download from them.

Audible USA, will not allow access to any audio books that have territorial/copy write restrictions…ie, not available on Audible UK. Which there are plenty not available, believe me! 😦

If any tech wizard can get around that problem, I would be in seventh heaven! As I’m technically challenged as well as being dyslexic. It’s taken me over a hour or more to write this!! lol

I love cozies, mysteries, M/M (romance/historical/paranormal), children’s, fantasy, paranormal…I’m easy to please. 🙂
As long as there is no graphic blood, guts and gore!

Many thanks for taking the time to read.


Any UK Audible listeners  out there? If you have listened to the audio book/s, please, please do leave a review, they all count towards increasing sales over here in the UK and making others aware of the authors work!

Authors, if you have audio books out over here in the UK, or would like to check to see if your audio books are available in the UK…go to the Audible.co.uk site and type your name in. If it comes up with any of your books, you should also see how many listeners have reviewed your work.

Lets get some of you good people, off the starting block and increase the awareness in your work. You all should have access to a number of author – free codes, that you can use in exchange for an honest review. If you haven’t got any, speak to your agent, or whoever deals with your audios, and ask for the UK codes.


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