man-fatigue-booksIs it just me or does anybody else have…one of those day?

The problem is that they are becoming more frequent over the past couple of years or more.

Listless days when you know you need to get up, but struggle with that and with getting washed and dressed.  Knowing that you need to eat, but can’t be bothered.  Ending up just eating a couple of biscuits and a piece of toast.

Where you spend the entire day with your mind wandering around aimlessly, but going nowhere.

You know there are chores to be done, and books to read and review, plus other stuff you do on a day to day basis.  But have no energy to do any of them.

I have read the same page in one book 5 times, but I just can’t seem to concentrate on anything.

So today is another one of the many…’one of those days’…again.



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