There is trouble in paradise…

Summer, 1925

Life is starting to go back to normal after the shock of the Great War.

Agatha Christie, now a successful crime author, is holidaying in Cornwall.

And when her husband, Archie, has to leave early, she decides to use her alone time to work on a romance novel.

But it isn’t long before she finds herself thrown back into the world of murder and intrigue.

A fellow guest at Agatha’s hotel is murdered in the early hours of the morning, and all the guests become suspects.

Knowing her expertise at plotting mysteries, the locals soon call upon Agatha to help unmask the killer.

Agatha soon discovers that there is far more going on in the sleepy Cornish town than first meets the eye. Her enquiries unearth tales of ghosts, secret affairs and mysterious ship wrecks.

Tension escalates amongst the residents of the hotel when they realise that the murderer is somewhere in their midst.

And everyone starts to display signs of guilt.

Can Agatha Christie unmask the identity of the killer before anyone else becomes a victim?

And what other Hidden Sins will she unearth in her investigation…?

This the second book in the Mrs Agatha Christie Investigates series.

Another enjoyable well plotted and written mystery.  That has plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.

4 Stars****



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