I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  Published by Kensington Books via NetGalley.

The second book in the Carson Stables mystery series, finds stable owner Annie Carson juggling her jobs from the stables and sheep pens to being a member of the board of a new trust being set-up.

When a young lady comes to ask for a job, Annie turns her down as she still thinks of herself as a ‘one woman’ operation.

The following day she finds the young woman hanging from a beam in her new barn!

Is the young woman’s death due to being turned down by Annie?  Or was there something else in young woman’s life the cause of her death?

When suicide becomes murder, and is linked to the death of an old lady.  Plus there is a predator stalking the neighbourhood.  Annie can’t help poking her nose in to find the answers…and danger is closer to her than she would like!

With this second book read, I find that I’m enjoying this series more and more as they come out.  A good set of characters, well plotted and written.  I can’t wait for the next instalment!

5 Stars*****


At first, horse trainer and Carson Stables owner Annie Carson blames the random losses of local livestock on feral animals stalking Olympic Peninsula county’s farms and ranches. But when one of her own flock is found savagely slaughtered, it gets personal. Then it turns dangerous, when Annie discovers the body of a young woman hanging in her new hay barn. Suddenly, she’s up to her neck in complicated mysteries—one involving her private life. But her sleuthing skills aren’t exactly welcome by the sheriff. And as she uncovers a clue to the killer’s identity, Annie fears she’s leading a deadly trail straight to her door.


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