Audio edition narrated by Mark Boyett.

The 2nd Asperger’s mystery.

Finds Samuel Hoenig and Janet Washburn is trying to find the answers to 2 questions from 2 very different clients.  The first client wants to know who the man who is sleeping in her bed and calls himself her husband really is.  The second client wants his question answered after a dead body is found in the office of Questions Answered.

As always E. J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen well plotted and written mysteries are a joy to read.  Keeping you engaged with the mystery from start to finish.

5 stars*****


For Samuel Hoenig, Asperger’s isn’t so much a syndrome as it is a set of personality traits. And as the sole proprietor of a business called Questions Answered, Samuel’s put his personality traits to good use, successfully answering every question he’s ever been asked.

But when his newest client asks about the true identity of her so-called husband, Samuel recruits his former associate Janet Washburn for insight into a subject that’s beyond his grasp—marriage. Working as a team seems to be the right approach . . . until the inscrutable spouse is found dead in Samuel’s office. Feeling like he’s been taken for a fool, Samuel is more than willing to answer a new question posed by an unexpected inquirer: who killed the unfamiliar husband?


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