An ARC honest review for Bonnier Zaffre Publications via NetGalley.

When Sam Wiseman gets a late night call from his business partner Jennifer, to say that the famous author Ovid Holmes whom she has been dating has just been stabbed to death at the front door of the apartment he’s been staying in.

Sam rushes over to comfort, help and investigate the murder, along with his friend Detective Gaston Lemieux.

Could the authors murder have anything to do with an old unsolved murder, he is using for a plot line in his latest novel or something else?

The murderer will stop at nothing to keep a secret hidden.

An enjoyable mystery, although the pace was a bit slow and plodding in places.  That being said, it has a good plot and storyline, and I personally think it is well worth reading.

4 Stars****


Murder, mystery and books. For fans of Agatha Christie and M.C.Beaton, A Brush With Death is the second book in The Bookshop Mysteries, a new cosy crime series by Richard King.

When famous author Ovid Holmes is murdered in his apartment, bookshop owner and wannabe sleuth, Sam Wiseman, finds himself drawn into the investigation. As he teams up with Detective Gaston Lemieux once again, the investigative duo have their work cut out.

When they find an old newspaper article relating to a murder in the art world twenty years ago, they realise that Ovid’s research for his latest novel could have something to do with his own death. And as they delve deeper into the case, they uncover criminals who will do anything to stop their secrets from getting out . . .


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