An ARC honest review for Farrago Books via NetGalley.

Miss Seeton decides to take a jaunt up to London on a beautiful sunny day, to gather some art supplies, some gifts for friends and a visit to an art gallery or two.  Only to get caught in a storm and arrested as a thief.

Only she can inadvertently get herself involved with pickpockets, hotel jumpers, forgeries, pigeons and car chases through the streets of London and Ashford!

Another fun romp in the world of Miss Emily D. Seeton, which will have you laughing and shaking your head at the same time!

4 Stars****


Miss Seeton accused! The kindly Miss Seeton? A thief? A preposterous notion – until the lovable spinster mistakes tomato ketchup for blood . . . and the “wounded” man she’s trying to help is robbed by a pickpocket. In a flurry of confusion, Mis Seeton is accused of being the thief’s accomplice! And in the hands of the London police, our unlikely jailbird uncovers a veritable nest of crime . . .

Serene amidst every kind of skullduggery, this eccentric English spinster steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles, armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella!


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