An ARC honest review for Farrago Books via NetGalley.

There’s a fire-starter at work in the Ashford/Plummergen area …Plummergen, means that Seeton woman, which has Superintendent Brinton pulling his hair out.

The village of Plummergen is afire with muster over the annual Best Kept Village Competition, and want to win it over their neighbouring rival Murreystone.  Sir George Colveden takes before pictures and ask Miss Seeton to draw pictures of what she thinks the village should look like.

Yet, like all Miss Seeton’s drawings, there is more in them than meets the eye, and Ashford police ask Chief Superintendent Delphick and Sergeant Bob Ranger to come down and decipher them.

Another fun read full of fire, murder and mayhem…with a splash of Miss Emily D. Seeton right in the middle of it!

4 Stars****


Plummergen village folk are keen as mustard to beat neighbouring Murreystone and win the Best Kept Village competition. Art teacher Miss Seeton is asked to create some Before and After pictures, showing residents of The Street how to improve the look of their houses. Yet one of her sketches is worrying, showing her own cottage, Sweetbriars, amidst billowing smoke, all too reminiscent of the current spate of murderous arson being investigated. Then another, that looks at first like a cosy Wind in the Willows scene seems to hint at something very dark lurking in the shadows . . .

Serene amidst every kind of skulduggery, this eccentric English spinster steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles, armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella!


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