Jack West Jr and Professor Max T. Epper are visiting the Sackler Wing of the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art with special permission to view and x-ray a brick in the Temple of Dendur, that was donated to the USA by the Egyptian government.  On Christmas Eve of all times!

Just when Jack is getting a picture of a knife inside the brick, a fire alarm is set off and the building is evacuated for the fire service to secure the building.

Only when a young boy mentions that the F.D.N.Y 17 fire truck isn’t right, does Jack get suspicious and sends Max inside to check on the brick.

When one of the ‘firemen’ realises that Jack has twigged, they try to make a speedy escape on the icy road.  The ice gives Jack the chance to grab hold of the rear of the truck…for a very bumpy and dangerous ride through New York’s streets!

A great short story to wet the appetite for the 4th Jack West Jr novel ‘The Four Legendary Kingdoms’ out in November 2016.

5 Star*****

This e-book exclusive.


An e-book-exclusive short story from bestselling author Matthew Reilly featuring Jack West Jr, before he returns in a new adventure The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Late on Christmas Eve, decorated SAS officer and Egyptologist Jack West Jr is about to make a discovery that could rewrite history.

In the ancient Temple of Dendur, housed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, a legendary weapon has lain hidden for millennia.

But Jack is not the only person who knows about the artifact’s existence. As Jack examines the temple in the deserted museum, he is watched by a mysterious figure. A man intent on stopping him at any cost.

Free download link straight from the author himself:…

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