pb stop press

An ARC honest review for John Hunt Publishing Ltd., via NetGalley.

The second Crampton of the Chronicle mystery.

Colin Crampton, Ace Crime Reporter on the Brighton Chronicle gets outdone by his rival on the other Brighton newspaper on the scoop of the death on the pier.

What is the connection of a stolen saucy film from the pier – What the Butler Saw, identical twins and a suicide in the past, got to do with the murder of the piers night watchman?

Colin’s rival is one step in front of him on Front page news, due to the lead detective on the case…or is he?

Colin thinks that they are on the wrong track to the killer and story.

And he needs to get the story first, before his editor Figgis fires him!

A really great fun read.  Likable characters, well oiled plot, well written with humorous byplay.

5 Stars*****


FIRST, the saucy film of a nude woman bathing is stolen from a What the Butler Saw machine on Brighton s Palace Pier.

NEXT, the pier s night-watchman is murdered – his body found in the coconut shy.

COLIN CRAMPTON, ace reporter on the Evening Chronicle, senses a scoop when he s the only journalist to discover a link between the two crimes.

HE UNCOVERS a 50-year feud between twin sisters – one a screen siren from the days of silent movies, the other the haughty wife of an aristocrat.

BUT COLIN S investigation spirals out of control – as he RISKS HIS LIFE to land the biggest story of his career.

STOP PRESS MURDER, a Swinging Sixties mystery, has more twists and turns than a country lane. It will keep you guessing – and laughing – right to the last page.”


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