What’s a ‘Cozy’ mystery?

Well for many of us that read the ‘Cozy’ genre of murder/mysteries, would say that these books contain NO blood, guts and gore!

Most readers of this genre have had their fill of bgg (blood, guts & gore), from the tv shows, movies that contain bgg on our screens all of the time…and in books too!  Most of us want escapism from our day to day life, not the harsh reality that we have to live in todays world.

Crime is part of our daily world…unfortunate but true.  And so some of us like to escape those realities, by reading a lighter fiction that isn’t going to give us nightmares!

These books are light entertainment, humorous, with characters you can follow through a series of books about their lives and love life (if any).  Characters that you would like to meet and be friends with in real life…except that they have a very bad habit of falling over dead bodies! 😀

The ‘Cozy’ genre really started in the ‘Golden Age’ (1920’s to the 1960’s), with pioneers like Dame Agatha Christie, Dame Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham.

I will go into the subject of ‘Golden Age’ mysteries in a future blog.

With settings in country houses or exclusive resorts…death is never too far away!  Some are private detectives, some amateur detectives, and some are police investigators.  But in all cases, after chasing red herrings and ending up down dead ends…they sniff out the clues and end up getting their man, woman or both.

Today’s protagonists come from all walks of life, and have all types of hobbies…but crime is never too far away!  With friends and pets helping out in their investigations…solving the crime by the skin of their teeth.

So if you are fed up with all the books, tv and movies with bgg…come try and fall in love with the ‘cozy’ genre.



One thought on “What’s a ‘Cozy’ Mystery?

  1. I love cozies, and you’ve given a wonderful description of them. I disagree only in one particular: If cozies are defined mainly by the lack of BGG, not all cozy mysteries are humorous. Like any book, they may contain an occasional humorous moment. Some are, indeed, funny as heck! But others are a bit more serious in overall tone, while still retaining the characteristic cozy lack of gore and gratuitous violence.


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