ma mystery mile

ARC honest review for Bloomsbury USA books via NetGalley.

It is always a pleasure to revisit with old friends.  And to be able to go back to the early days of Mr Albert Campion career is always a delight.

If you like country houses, mazes, murder, mystery and adventure…there is no better place to find them, than at Mystery Mile on the Suffolk coast!

Swithin (St Swithin) Cush final message to Campion is a Red Knight and….Danger!

Ms Allingham’s Albert Campion books are classics!

5 Stars*****


Judge Crowdy Lobbett has found evidence pointing to the identity of the criminal mastermind behind the deadly Simister gang. After four attempts on his life, he ends up seeking the help of the enigmatic and unorthodox amateur sleuth, Albert Campion. After Campion bundles Lobbett off to a country house in Mystery Mile, deep in the Suffolk countryside, all manner of adventures ensue. It’s a race against time for Campion to get the judge to safety and decipher the clue to their mysterious enemy’s name.

All the books from Albert Campion series are standalone titles and can be read in any order.


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