Dear Berkley PG,

Thank you for replying to Linda Langford’s message.

But many of us on ‘Save Our Cozies’ fb page, still have concerns and no answers have been forth coming from yourselves.

Firstly, you state that “you share our love of the cozy mysteries”, but at last count on our verified list (the ones that we know of at the moment), you have cancelled 23 series…that seems an awful lot to be going all at one time…why, so many?  And for what reason?

Now can you understand our concerns.

Secondly, you say that you want to bring ‘Cozy’ mysteries to a bigger audience with a ‘new’ dedicated website/message/newsletter. Why close the ones that you have in place at the moment? Why now?

Shouldn’t you have been advertising ALL your publications years ago. Not just the ones that you class as ‘Best Seller’?

Unfortunately ‘Best Selling’ authors don’t start off as ‘Best Selling’ authors!

Also on the grapevine (and it’s a Big grapevine!) we hear that you have also made huge job cuts within the ‘cozy’ departments. Why and for what reason?

And please don’t tell us to save money. Not when the company is worth over 62 billion dollars!

Thirdly, if PRH is looking to get onto the ‘trend’ of plowing all their money into a few books each year, ‘trying’ to make them ‘Best Sellers’, like the movie industry is doing…they are jumping on the wrong boat!

The Big movies are centred on a mostly male audience.

Book buying and reading is mostly 80% the female population. And they are not about to jump ship on what they like reading…just because that’s what PRH want.

Obviously the upstairs think-tank must be mostly male, who haven’t got a clue about women!

They are loyal to there favorite authors and will follow them anywhere they go (including all the ones that you have cancelled!)…and lets face it, it’s not going to stop at 23 as you haven’t finished culling the series that you think ‘don’t make the grade’!

Remember, ladies are your biggest customers…and at the moment, you are royally peeing them off.

Regards Ian, reader (40 years of cozy mysteries) and reviewer for NetGalley (although not any from Berkley Prime Crime books, as I live in the UK and we are not allowed them, as we don’t read cozies in the UK, do we!).

Oh, and another thing.

Hardbacks are lovely, for libraries. Unfortunately most of us BUYING public have to wait then for the paperback edition to come out, which more affordable to our pockets. The reason your Kindle editions aren’t doing too well, is because you charge as much for the Kindle edition as you do for the paperback.

Oh, so which are we the buyers going to go for….hmmm, I think paperback!

So if you want more sales on the Kindle front…lower the price! Lower the price and you will see you sales go up by leaps and bounds!


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