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ARC honest review for Henery Press via NetGalley.

The first in the Kate Kennedy mysteries.

This isn’t my first visit with Noreen Wald’s Kate Kennedy Mysteries…I first read this book about 10 years ago when she published it under the pen name of Nora Charles.  She does love using names from famous people, whether real of fictional. 😀

What can I say about my second reading of this book.  Only that I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time.  With a great set of characters, a well written plot.  A great story teller.

I’m pleased that she has found a new home for her Kate Kennedy & Jake O’Hara books with Henery Press, and they are both very good mystery series for anyone who likes cozy mysteries.

Other books in this series, all out in March 2016.

Death of the Swami Schwartz.

Death is a Bargain.

Death Storms the Shore.

Death Ride the Surf.

4 Stars****


Nestled between fast track Ft. Lauderdale and nouveau riche Boca Raton, the once sleepy beach town of Palmetto is plagued by progress. The latest news has Ocean Vista condo board president Stella Sajak and other residents in an uproar. Developers plan to raze the property and put up a glitzy resort. But when Stella says she’ll go to City Hall and fight this to the death, no one thinks to take her statement literally.

And when Kate begins to investigate the murder, she discovers that this little corner of the sunshine state is cursed with corruption, unsavory characters, and a very dark cloud overhead.

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