gb rather be dead

ARC honest review for Endeavour Press via NetGalley.

Classic British crime/mystery from George Bellairs, featuring his main character Chief Inspector Littlejohn.

I found this one didn’t have the twists and turns of the other George Bellairs books that I have recently read for Endeavour Press had.

But saying that, it was still a good story.

4 Stars****


The Mayor of the popular resort of Westcombe, Sir Gideon Ware, is no stranger to making enemies.

What was once a quaint little harbour is now miles of level, concrete promenade, and acres of pleasure-beach, embracing every kind of device for human entertainment and sensation. Sir Gideon Ware has put Westcombe on the map through bribes, intimidation and threats.

When Ware drops dead in the middle of his annual lunch, no one is surprised to hear that murder is suspected.

But with so many enemies surrounding Ware, Inspector Littlejohn has his work cut out shifting through Ware’s past to find the likely killer.

Especially with the Chief Constable so keen on covering up vital facts in the investigation.

It becomes clear that Ware was poisoned.

But everyone else ate and drank the same things, and no one appeared to have been near enough to Ware to have done the deed.

Before Littlejohn can get to the bottom of it, a second murder is committed…

Can he crack the case before more lives are put in jeopardy?

Or will the long list of suspects help the killer to get away with it…?


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