I started this blog back in July 2015, after author Karen McInernery introduced me to NetGalley so that I could read and review her first book in her New Dewberry Farm Mystery series – Killer Jam.

NetGalley to a bibliophile, is like a sweet shop to a child…total heaven!  And like any child, you want everything you see…and want it NOW!!!

Like the child that has stuffed their face with sweets and made themselves sick.  I myself have had to learn that I can only do so much reading in a set period of time.  Not just reading and reviewing NetGalley books, but also making the time to read and listen to my TBR (To Be Read) pile…which is constantly growing.

On top of that, I also run a small (at the moment, a 4 person) reading group called ‘Final Chapter’…hence the original blog name.  In which we tend to have books from the local library as the groups monthly read, plus books brought in via club funds or I have brought books that I like, and share with the group members.

Never having done any reviewing or blogging before…it have been learning curve, a journey.  Of which, I’m still travelling the path…and learning.

So, new year, new look.

One of the things that hopefully intend doing, will be to highlight ‘what’s new’ in books coming out, mainly books that interest me…and hopefully you.  And also tell you what books I have set for myself to read for the month.


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