jk armadillo

ARC honest review for Tundra Books via NetGalley.

For some reason I got sent this (I think by mistake), as I didn’t request an ARC.  But hay-ho, in for a penny, in for a pound.  🙂

It was actually a fun read.  Following the directions Arlo’s grandfather has set out for Arlo to follow in major cities around the world…this one being New York.

With beautiful vibrant artwork to draw any young reader in.  Plus Arlo’s visiting the cities most famous sights, with side information on the buildings and places, will…I hope, get the young reader’s interested in learning more.

New York is one city that I have never been to…and after reading this book, makes me wish to visit even more.  I soooo want the pretzels in Central Park!!!

5 Stars*****




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